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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 536748 views.
Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Mishii said:

Look what I have on my frame!  

Wow!  Nice quilting in that block I can see.

Now I see the pattern you used! I like it.  I finished my granddaughter’s First Birthday quilt top last Saturday. So I’m looking for a scrap buster project now.  

Awesome!!!! That is beautiful. Thank you ;)

something about her quilts I just really enjoy.  simple blocks go together to make interesting secondary patterns (though you don't see it so much on this last one because I used too big a variety of backgrounds).  She uses a lot of the corner triangles, so I keep collecting lots of little waste triangles.  I was just glancing through one of her books that I don't have (Amazon had a bunch of pictures) and this one looks fun - and I can use some of the baggies full of white waste triangles I have from another quilt).  This might be my next I spy.    this book (scrap basket strips & squares) is only $16, might order that if I can't find it at half price.

here is the block - very simple.  But how fun is it all together!

Ok finally finished your amazing quilt. Took my time and I think it will knock your socks off. My DBIL is going to take some professional photos in the next week or so. It will be heading back to Texas soon.

Next up a quick one for Yetta and then I need to decide what to do after that.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Mr. Pirate & I just returned from a small road trip down the California coast.  We had done a different small road trip eastward from us, into the hot, dry inland area of California, where I discovered that the area we were camping in had a TON of pollen in the air.  achoo!  So, I told Mr. Pirate that our next trip(s) were gonna need to be on the coast where the pollen hopefully wouldn't be as high!  So we went to Pfeiffer Big Sur, a drop-dead gorgeous coastal Redwood preserve ... and NO pollen!  woo hoo!

I brought along my road trip Forever Project.  This is newly  designated as a "road trip" project because it's mindless hexies ... I've talked about this project before .. but now I have repurposed it into "color blocked" groups of hexies.  As such, it's something that I don't even need to think about working on, which is absolutely perfect for working while in the car or in camp.   

I have a different needleturn project for working on when I'm am home.   The needleturn applique project actually has some hopes of becoming finished at some point; the color blocked hexies have no such deadline.  LOL!   It's gonna be one of those open-ended Forever Projects that if it never gets done, I won't be disappointed..

So, during this trip, I "finished" the orange color block, which is to say, I've used all the orange I have so far,  I've even bought charm packs on our trips to bolster the orange ... apparently, it's not one of my favorite colors.  :-)    I've included some peaches and yellows (that had orange in it).

I moved on to the purples .....  I know I have a lot more purple scraps to dive into, as well as lots of purple yardage that I can cut into.

I'm not trying to make these color blocks "fit" into each other at this point.  I'm just going to work on each color separately.  Each is going to get as large as it wants to be.  At this point, I haven't even settled on any particular shape of each color block or how the color blocks will merge into the next.  Those are decisions that can be deferred for quite a while.  :-)

But, now that I am back home, I will set the color blocked hexies away until the next road trip and return to working on the needleturn applique, A Gathering of Quails.   I also really need to finish up one of my earliest hand-pieced hexie projects which I have loaded up on my long arm.   Hmmm ... maybe I'll concentrate on the longarm project because I think that has a finish that could be sooner than the applique.  :-)


From: bornblesse2


I am sitting at home today feeling a bit unmotivated to get going!  Tuesday and Wednesday I moved along on things that came home from my Monday charity day.  I pieced several backings so I could return them - I think it was 4 of them.  I came home with a little HST piece that I came across and had never seen before - since I sort everything that comes in, it leaves me wondering!  Lol...

anyway, I brought it home to see if I could make it large enough for a wheelchair lap - and I do mean just large enough to go over the knees in a lap!  Interestingly, I had left over scraps of the brown and the strip to border it.  And the yellow was folded up with it.  I would not of thought to use plaid in HSTs, and then I was daring to use strips and plaid, but it is a manly little thing!   Lol, large enough to finish into something useful!


this morning I finally got up to search in my sewing room for a jelly - gonna take a improv class from Ray the end of the month.

then saw in my charity basket I still have 2 small green and white quilts that needed borders to finish them.  Found some prints that would work and got then pieced and while at it, had green backings that I pieced.  I didn’t sew the borders on, but they are set together to work on later.

I can’t stand my sewing area - it’s depressing!  So, I am trying to find some gumption to tidy and clean!  Organize a few more of those projects so I have a ready to work on pile, and extra fabrics put away! 
my room is cluttered!  
wish me gumption and luck!

Love the plaid lap quilt! It sounds like you are getting a ton done. 

I am finishing up binding and hanging sleeve on a big art quilt. Also need to get Yetta's quilt loaded. I the evenings I have started garment sewing in the RV again. I just do a few steps and make steady progress.

I am now doing industrial sewing for DBIL. The lady that sews for him is taking time off to be with her mother who is in hospice down in Mexico. I am having fun learning the different big industrial sewing machines .


From: bornblesse2


Ami, what liked of sewing are you doing for BIL?