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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 478103 views.

From: judyinohio


Nice looking design wall in black fabric!

I have mine in white flannel and find that I'm always using those Scotch brand lint rollers to pick off bits of "string"; I imagine you will be doing the same. LOL

I did that swap too and so far it is a nice stack of blocks. Yours looks really pretty!

progress so far.  I worked on the one with 9 patches until I ran out fo 2" squares, then on the other until I ran out of triangles.  Then last night I cut the rest of the squares & triangles (and some additional noodles while I was at it for later).  Pleased with how they are coming out so far.  I did receive the two new to me books by Kim Brackett and now of course I have about 4 or 5 more ideas that I flagged to make with novelties.  But I'm going to finish these 1st before I cut any more.  I really would like to make a dent in my novelty stash. (and don't you guys roll your eyes either!)  I am getting a bit low on my white background, I usually buy the wide backing from Connecting threads, I need to watch and catch it on sale again.  Still @ $15/yd of 108 wide it's still a good price - if I did the math right it puts it around $5.90 per yard for normal width.  But I like it even better when on sale.


From: Mishii


Check out Marshall’s Dry Goods. They have really good sales and I’ve always been pleased with the quality. 108” goes for $4.95/yd. I’ve never looked for white though. 

Thanks for the suggestion, I always forget about them.


From: latterberry


Looking good!  So bright and pretty.  I was just going to suggest Marshall Dry good too.  I saw lots of lovely novelties at great prices.


From: latterberry


I'm glad you are pleased with their quality.  I just placed my first order with them. I ordered on Tues and got a notification it will be here Sat.  I ordered a whole bolt of black dream cotton and it was $2.55/yd  when you get it by the bolt.  

I love this part of quilting, it reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle, seeing the quilt "picture" appear.    Sewing is going to be interesting.  I plan on sewing the rectangles sets, then putting them back up on the wall then numbering them.

I'm discovering I'm not very good at parallelograms.  I keep getting confused on which direction they are supposed to lean.  I made 5 pinwheels going the wrong way and had to redo them, they looked too weird with the others.  For another quilt I cut a big stack of white parallelograms the wrong direction also.  Obviously I'm more used to dealing with squares.  It makes a big difference if you cut with the right side up or down.  angry

This particular quilt used up every single white waste triangle I had, along with almost every scrap from my white basket.  I love using up those little things.  I still have a big bag of brightly colored ones tho, saving for you Jonna.


From: judyinohio


That quilt top has me so confused! I could never figure it out in a million years.
Perhaps if it was a larger photo I could see how it is constructed but when I look at the red pinwheel in the bottom row I cannot figure out how it got there ...

this is what the blocks look like, they alternate horizontal and vertical placement.  the fabric placement makes the pattern.

 here are the pieces

here is one section after I've sewn 4 individual blocks.  It looks messy until it's sewn.  and yes it is a brain bender.  That's how I got messed up and cut 20 pieces backwards.