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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 474323 views.

From: Midkid5


You can only feel guilty if you get it and don't use it.  Enjoy your new toy.


Exciting. Congrats. You will use it. I decided I would enjoy a new machine more than a new car, that was my rationalization.


From: Mishii


My husband has very little and asks for less. We don’t really compete in the you bought that so I get this way. I’m the breadwinner so it isn’t like I don’t do my part. I would also feel guilty for buying a boat ‍??

I have been working on the hand quilting on my table topper and noticed my quilt hoop had cracked.  So I had to glue it before it broke completely.  And what to do the rest of the evening - decided to start on the turned loops for the edges - wowser.  I don't think I'll ever do this again.  I can't imagine doing it on a full size quilt.  198 loops, 576 inches.  I made the decision to not do bias because I already had several 2.5" strips and not much else, so I cut those in half, sewed 1/4" seam, then trimmed.  Hmmm.  There might be an advantage to the bias, turning those tubes is challenging to say the least.  I trimmed the seam down and I'm using the trick of sewing the yarn inside then pulling it out the other end.  But even so turning batik fabrics is  - well I was working up a sweat.  I still have 5 more lengths of purple to do - my hands were too tired last night.  and basting them down is going to be interesting too.  But I pinned a small section and it really does look pretty great - that's why I decided to go ahead and do it.  I have a lot of respect for those who do this edge treatment on a large quilt.


From: Midkid5


Yesterday I happened to talk to my brother, he mentioned that he had broken his sewing machine needle while try to repair some strapping straps.  We both agreed that he needed a larger needle. Since there is no place in his town to buy needles and I needed to order some thread, I ordered needles and a more appropriate thread.  I am in the habit of adding a package or two of needles to the cart when I order fabric due to many years not having access to needles.  But today I took stock of what kind and size I had i.e. I sorted the box containing them.  I had way more than I realized, now I just need to get my mind wrapped around what needle is best for what king of fabric.

Have you ever run out of sewing machine needles?


Can't wait to see photos. I bet it gonna be spectacular!


From: judyinohio



Right now I am out of Schmetz Microtex 10s which is what I prefer for 50 wt. piecing threads.  My local JoAnn store is always out of them as well so must be a lot of us here in my small town that like to use that fine needle with fine piecing thread.  wink So now I'm using Micro 12s and can't say that I'm noticing any difference.

There's a handy chart on the Superior Threads website about which needle is best for which thread; of course they talk about their threads that they sell but you can figure out which needles to use with anyone's threads.  A 40 wt. thread will use the same needle option no matter which brand ...

after turning all those tiny tubes I decided I wanted some mindless sewing.  And I've had the squares cut & interfacing on the back for a t-shirt quilt for a retired marine, but was waiting to see if his wife could sneak any more shirts out of the house before I put it together.  I decided to go ahead and put it together with the last 2 she gave me about a month ago- actually ended up being a decent sofa quilt size even though I didn't have many shirts.  She gave me several patches he had and I put those on squares of left over t-shirt material.  Now to get some olive green or gray fleece - it didn't look right with bright blue.  I'll go by JoAnns when I'm in town tomorrow.

And since I'm going to be quilting I decided to go ahead and load my scrappy B&W on the frame last night - I can quilt it tonight before I get the fleece tomorrow for the marine quilt.  I had bought this fleece several weeks ago but wasn't in any hurry to quilt it.  The fleece is really soft and I love the color.  Kind of excited to have a new finished quilt just for me.  Most of my quilting seems to be for someone else.


From: Midkid5


Ah...a T-shirt quilt is mindless sewing?


I'v?e done soooo many of them, yes pretty mindless.  I think I'm up over 30 now.  And they are all just Big giant blocks with sashing.  These shirts were already cut out, interfacing on and squared up, ready to go.  There was little bit of figuring to lay them out and make sure the columns end up the same size.  But no points to match, no triangles to cut, no fussy cutting fabrics.  just lots of sashing.  very boring honestly.  but everyone seems to love them.  I had been trying to convince my friend to let me make her one with all her softball t-shirts but for some reason she is reluctant to let me cut them up.  So she asked me to make one for her husband instead - a handful of marine shirts in green & black with a couple of red ones.  yup, boring.

I pretty much make all my t-shirt quilts the same way, I cut the shirts out in a standard width, using sashing to widen any that aren't quite the right width.  Then I sew them into columns, trimming as necessary and adjusting with sashing to get the columns to match.  not a lot of creativity needed.  Most of the time I don't even add borders as they are usually pretty large already.  Sometimes I get a little creative with the odd sized shirts or with borders but mostly people want to see their shirts, not my "creativity".