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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 537870 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


I'm off on a tangent.

I had been mindlessly working on a Forever Project of what I'm calling "Color Blocked Hexies".  It is just masses of hexies of a color family all smooshed together.   It's a good activity to do when there is nothing else on the horizon.

THEN, I saw this ....   This is an EPP project called "Forget Me Not" by Sue Daly.    Just LOOK at all those hexies arranged in interesting shapes by color!  :-)   Even better, Sue Daly has a blog stitch-along where she described how to stitch the various sections together.  While she is using 1" hexies, you could certainly use any size hexie you wanted ... I do have a messload of 1" hexie templates already punched out, so I'll use them.

If you take a look at the picture below, you might be able to see that even the background (at the 4 corners) are done with hexies.  Now, personally, I think that's ridiculous.  Once that medallion shaped thing is done, I'll applique it to a fabric background.  I just don't see the need to create the background from the hexies.

I'll be using my own stash fabrics; not fabric from her kit.  So my version is going to turn out a bit differently, since I don't have precisely her shades and patterns.  We'll see how my version turns out.  :-)

The Color Blocked Hexies Forever Project is on hiatus for now.  LOL!


From: MelRN


Wow, Dee! I'm exhausted just reading it! :D Good job!


From: judyinohio


Blocks are pieced on 10" foundation paper squares purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I used up odds and ends of reds and neutrals collected since I started quilting in 1993 and yet somehow I don't seem to have made much of a dent in that batch of fabrics. Perhaps they were breeding while my back was turned.  scream


From: judyinohio


Only an idiot like me would ask how many hexies are needed to create this beauty?

(I think there are about 100 of the light brown ones on the outer edge.)

I agree that there is no need to do any more white hexies once you have done all the ones inside the tan hexie outline of hexies.  That would be totally crazy-making.  

another one done.  I played a bit with the crazy quilting type stitches.  Some of those definitely take practice.  LIke the chain on the Merry Christmas panel, if you don't get them right the 1st time it is a bear to fix them.


Now I have to tackle the wreath.  It's going to be harder just because I didn't follow the pattern for the applique exactly.  There were some holes that I didn't like so I added and moved several.  So I have to  arrange the pine branches on my own.  I also still need to finish appliquing the last bits of the nutcracker (his face is done) and embroider his uniform trim, his eyes and his TEETH - ugh, not looking forward to those.  I think I am going to actually do  his teeth seperately before I applique them to his face - between his face, mustach & beard there are LOTS of layers.  Plus since they are white I will either need to double layer the fabric or else satin stitch.     Been thinking about how to tackle those for weeks now.  

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


judyinohio said:

Only an idiot like me would ask how many hexies are needed to create this beauty? (I think there are about 100 of the light brown ones on the outer edge.)

Actually, that's a good question!   and a very good estimate.  The directions call for 96 hexies of the light brown fabric.

I did a rough count of the hexies, excluding the ones the designer is putting in the background corners.  I came up with about 847.  :-)    But, honestly, they go so quickly.  It's mindless activity prepping the hexies.  This design is constructed in discrete units so progress appears to go rapidly.   

The most time I've been spending is going through my stash to find compatible and suitable fabrics!  I've pulled some that I think will work in specific elements.  Other areas are being deferred until I need to choose.

Here's what I've done so far .. this central element will have 37 hexies when it's done. 

The pattern calls for a much lighter tan/beige fabric for the first flower unit but I don't have anything with repeats ... and I did kinda want to fussy cut a repeat.  Their choice looks like white lace on beige but I don't have anything like that at all.  Most of my beige color family is mainly background stuff.  I hope this darker color choice plays nicely with the other fabrics and looks nice when the whole thing is completed.

5dogmom (CRISR5)

From: 5dogmom (CRISR5)


Dee, the crazy quilters in groups I've been in LIKE the uneven stitches because it shows that they were made by hand rather than machines.  We expected (and respected) imperfections because we liked the people who created them and knew they would improve with practice.

Cut yourself some slack, woman.  LOL!

Cris in MT


Oh I know.  It's just difficult when you are sitting stitching with it almost up to your nose and with magnifying glasses just to see the needle - difficult to obsess over even a thread or two difference in spacing.  I keep telling myself this will be hung on a wall where the you won't even be able to get your nose up close  because there is a table underneath.  I am leaving somethings that aren't perfect, here and there.  But these were more where I hadn't pulled the stitch tight enough, then too tight but then it was literally a knot.  I started out just wanted to adjust a bit but made it worse.  Taking out one stitch became cutting out the entire thing and starting over.  Some of the stitches are VERY difficult to back up or take out one or two.  It doesn't look like a knot when you are stitching but then you need to back up one stitch all of a sudden it becomes 5 stitches and then oh rats, just start over.  Fortunately the longest section was only 4 inches, so not much time investment, even when redoing.  My favorite stitch was actually the simplest - I think it was called herringbone.  It looks really cool in the thread I chose that approximates gold.  

but then there was this one that you can't hardly even see - I chose it because I had thought would be easy because it's kind of an open chain stitch.  It's callled a double chain stitch.  Gah, I could not even figure out which end of the loop to pull which direction - I felt like I was paper piecing backwards - my brain just could get wrap around what I was supposed to be doing.  ah well, it's done and over.  At some point I need to do one of Mary Corbets sampler to practice the stitches on something that doesn't matter.


From: Mishii


I’m going to rearrange my sewing room. I’m feeling claustrophobic and there is just stuff everywhere. I can’t deal.  So that’s what I’ll be working on tonight.