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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 640351 views.

Cathy the t-shirt quilt is great. You added lots of fun details. I bet he will be over the moon.

We are off skiing for a 4 day weekend. I machine sewed the binding to my string and log cabin quilt before we left so I have some handwork for the evenings. I turned the last corner last night so down to one long side. Looking forward to this being done.

I started playing around the triangles for the next round on my little houses.  I'm leaning towards the friendship star, the other one looks cool but I don't think it goes with the houses all that well.

I love the stars!  The other one is a great border, but to me it looks a little too busy with all those houses.  But the stars - perfect!  


From: judyinohio


I would also agree that the Friendship Stars make an excellent choice.  Somehow they look happier.

  • Edited January 17, 2022 12:21 pm  by  judyinohio

From: bornblesse2


I like the stars!  But then, I am partial to stars….

the stars have it.  Partly because I didn't feel like making a bunch more triangles   I am still thinking I want to put some sort of applique between the stars & the houses, so I'll need a handful more stars to fill things out.


I'm thinking something like this.  It needs some curves in it - simple stylized leaves


From: latterberry


I agree.  I vote for the stars.