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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 675152 views.

I made good progress on my Christmas quilt.  I got some advise from a lady in a local guild who quilts for the public, she suggested I limit my fills to 3, and pick ones I am comfortable doing (skip the bubbles).  So I did swirls, peacock feathers, and leaves.  I have now finished all the fills and started on the grid between the frames.  I will have to make a decision on the border soon.


From: bornblesse2


Today was a day to sew for me!  Yippee!  I’ve been putting in extra days at work because I am working very little in June.

but today, I was home.  I was given these blue and white blocks from a fellow guild member after a presentation I did more than a year ago.  They were different sizes, so I bordered them in white and squared them to 14”.

when I went to put them together today, the layout was awkward.  So I went digging in the stash.  Found this rocket print and even though the blues are different, I decided it worked.

i made a block for the center and then added borders.   Hope some kid enjoys it!  Now to get rid of more misc blocks that the guild members played around making!

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


that is clever! I like how it turned out.

Looks like you are on the home stretch. 

Looks great, some kid will love it.

I still have to figure out the border tho.  I don't want to do feathers, there isn't another feather on the quilt.  Plus I'm not very good with them.  I'm thinking something with the vines & leaves.  I need to draw something out and see.

I like to cruse Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. 

I decided to go with more leaves, it just felt right given there are so many leaves in the applique.  Quilting is now done, though in person you really don't see it as much as in the photo  - black on black.  I am definitely going to try the beaded piping in the binding, I just ordered the book as I'm hoping there are some tips/tricks that will be helpful.  I'm concerned I don't have enough red fabric - enough if I did basic narrow piping but I think the beads will take more.  So I'm considering gold or silver instead.  I especially like the idea of the beads since I put beads in the red frames.  The end is in sight!

by the way, I entered the applique quilt you quilted for me in our local quilt show in the applique category.  I'm taking the approach to the show that it's like a big show & tell, not going to worry about the judging (tho it would be gratifying).  Trying not to let my competative side spoil it.  Assuming this one is done in time (it should be, I have another 6 weeks), I'll enter it as well.

The leaves in the border look great. Your beads sound awesome. How fun to enter some of your quilts in a show. It is always fun to go to the show and see them hanging and appreciated by the people attending the show. Any awards are just frosting on the cake.

I am in New Mexico again and we are trying to empty the house and get it rented. The Penski truck is outside and we are packing like crazy. This is the second load and I just hope we can get most of it this time. We took a large load to the dump today and also to the thrift store. DH has so much stuff in the garage but we are trying to get as much as we can packed and outta here this trip. I know there will be one more trip after this to finish up loose ends. The upstairs has a matress on the floor and just a few things. The living room has all the stuff left in the house and it is all going into boxes. And then there is the garage but we have really been working hard to organize and now to put things in boxes and get them on the truck.

I am really looking forward to doing some serious stash busting in the near future once this house is done and out of our hair. Last load to Colorado I was shocked that fabric boxes kept appearing outta closets, the shed, the garage, not to mention what I had in my sewing room...........all that stuff is up in Colorado and I found a bunch of stuff that I have been missing since the move to Texas and back...............sigh!!!!


From: LindaPutt


Everything about this is so pretty Dee.  You did an amazing job!!!