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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 667037 views.

From: latterberry


Absolutely stunning!  I'm looking forward to seeing it completed. I forgot--how big is it?


From: latterberry


I'm tired just reading about how much work you are doing.  I know it is being taken to CO, but where are you storing it?  Did you get a house that I may have missed reading about? 

I've been doing kind of the same thing.  Not moving any where, just making it easier for my kids.  I have a basement full of boxes that will be taken to an auction house when I'm done "cleaning".  These are things that are too good to just send to the thrift shop--antique glassware and other vintage things.  As for my fabric stash--that's another time.

Right now we are moving everything but some furniture that is being stored in two sheds on our property. All the rest is going to Colorado. We have space there in a storage hanger at the airport, and in DBIL basement. Longmont is a thriving area and I am going to put a bunch of stuff on Facebook marketplace to sell up there. At least it is all boxed up and organized on shelves and we can go thru and get rid of much stuff. DH has already sold two motorcycles in Colorado and a third is listed for sale so we are slowly downsizing.

My daughter has great success selling things on Facebook Marketplace so I am going to give it a try. It is free and you can sell local. I furnished her college house entirely from thrifted furniture 4 bedrooms and a living room for $250 and after she graduated and moved out she made a profit on all the stuff by putting it on Facebook Marketplace in her small town, and people came and picked it up from her.

Well finding stuff can be good and bad. Now I have to figure out what to do with it. It is really strange to see most of the house completely empty. Still a lot to do today and tomorrow but just need to keep at it. I figure it will take one more trip to tie up loose ends. We are hoping to come back here in a few years and that is why we decided to rent. With the crazy market these days we will never come close to finding a place like this that is not priced way beyond what we could afford. Right now the average house in the Denver area is $600,000.00 let that sink in!!!!! Who can afford a decent house there any more, it is just insane! We are talking a smallish house in not the best areas and they go up from there!!!


From: judyinohio


Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3) said:

The end is in sight!

That is going to be a masterpiece quilt for sure.  Hope you can get it into your local show and dazzle the quilters.


From: judyinohio


I am exhausted just reading about all of the work you are doing.

Bet you won't let stuff pile up like that again because you are getting older and wiser.wink

as others have said, phew, I'm tired reading your list.  I don't know how you've handled this being spread out the last several years.  It's definitely been interesting, I don't know that I could be as patient as you've been.  It sounds like you BIL is a serious blessing.  Didn't he used to be in California?  Or was that another one.  I've been pleased with FB marketplace too.  I was able to get rid of my piano to a very nice young nurse who loves to play.  She reminded me a lot of Marion.  Feel it went to a good home.  I also sold my used long arm 4 years ago at a very good price to someone who was very excited to start quilting her own quilts.  I really like seeing someone who will use & appreciate the things, rather than a hoarder who is collecting things for resale.

thanks, it is 72 x 62.  I think I'm likely to decorate for Christmas early this year. Maybe after Halloween instead of our usual Thanksgiving. blush  

I think you are smart to hold on to it.  I just have to believe this housing bubble will burst eventually.  And then we will see a flood of foreclosures when people have borrowed way more than their house is worth.  Part of me would have liked to build a house on our land, but the cost of materials is crazy right now.  And DH is having fund putting together a little camping/hunting apartment.  He purchased two shipping containers, one for storage (tractor & "junk") and the other for an off the grid living space.  He needs a project, right - hahaha.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Dee, your quilt is absolutely stunning!   I admire how you think through every detail (that must be the accountant in you!) and plan every stitch and embellishment.  The quilting is divine ... but you're right ... black on black tends to disappear BUT you know it's there.   The beaded finish is going to be the crowning touch!   I know that I've seen that finish in at least one quilt show in the past ... if you find directions for it, please post.  It looked rather self-evident, but you just never know.  :-)

I think it's just grand that you are going to enter it in the local show!  Whenever I go to local shows ... the small ones ... I'm always blown away at the sheer amount of talent.  Just like you, there are hidden gems everywhere.