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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 937135 views.
Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


It was this past (long) weekend.   There are 9 shops along the central California coast that band together for an annual shop hop.   On Friday, from our house to where we stayed overnight the first night was 300 miles, but we hit the 4 shops that were prior to our camping spot.  On Saturday, it was another 300 miles, but round trip.   Sunday, we decided to stay put in San Luis Obispo and revisit some old haunts from when our oldest DD went to the university there. 

Mr Pirate & I also saw Top Gun: Maverick!   Very enjoyable, even with the obvious plot devices and storyline holes.  :-)  It was true to the Top Gun franchise, so you really can't complain (too much).  :-)

We drove back home today (Monday).

I made some modest and not-so-modest purchases.  Since I'm not actively doing a lot of machine piecing these days, I'm not looking for *yardage*.  I was concentrating on Fat Quarters to work with a different EPP project that is in-progress.  :-)

One of the stores that I had never been to before (not surprising, as why would I be traveling down the coast??) was Creation Station in Buellton.  It was undeniably the *best* quilt store I've been to in a long, long time.  Staff was wonderful.  Inventory was fantastic.  Decor was great.  I kinda wish this was my local store!

So, if anyone is ever in the vicnity of Buellton, CA, I heartily encourage you to visit Creation Station.  10/10.  :-)


From: LindaPutt


What a lot of work you've put in Ami.  Safe travels today. 

I don't recall hearing if you've rented a place in Colorado, if you're buying, or if you will be continuing to stay at your brother-in-law's house.


From: LindaPutt


Sounds wonderful.  Our remember our trip along the coast - so refreshing.

For right now we are at DBIL. Not sure what is down the road for us.

I'm starting to have some problems too.  tho mostly with my eyes.  I have to wear the clip on magnifying glasses almost always now, instead of only in the evenings or when the light is bad.  I know my time to be able to do this detailed work is limited.

I decided to make some western themed coin purses to sell at our guild booth at the quilt show in September.  Figured they would sell well and I've got a giant stash of zippers now (has anyone purchased from WAWAK - what fun - sewing supplies in bulk).  I have all this western fabric but I don't seem to end up using it in my I spy quilts much, so this is a good use.   I started last night playing around with some of the various types I found on YouTube.  Below are the two I did last night, and some of the fabric I plan to use.  


From: Midkid5


I was introduced to WAWAK late last year, have been very pleased with pricing and shipping, not to mention finding things that local shops don't carry.

Hope you coin purse sales are successful.


Your little western zipper pouches are really cut and hopefully they will sell like hotcakes! I have never purchased from WAWAK but there is a YouTuber I watch that sews clothes and she is always talking about getting supplies form them and highly recommends them.

Update I am finally done cleaning out our New Mexico house and am back in Colorado. Finished a customer quilt yesterday and almost finished a second one today so being productive and back in my work groove up here. 

For the first time in some years I have all my fabric and supplies in one place (well not in the same building but all accessible quickly) so the plan is to do a huge sort of the multiple scrap bins, cut the fabrics into shapes and start making some tops from those. I am also gonna keep whittling away on the UFO bin as well and try to keep working on my to be quilted pile. I have opened my longarm for hire full steam ahead again so that will not mean as much quilting for me but I do plan to try to schedule mine on the machine as well. 

I am excited to go thru all the fabric, threads, buttons, zippers etc and really organize and make stuff. I have plans to do some garment sewing this Summer as well............figure I just need schedule time to cut something and then just do a few steps a day to get things completed. I do have plenty of machines set up to do that and keep them set up for each project till it is done.

I do need to photograph and post the last quilt I quilted for me and it has been finished for weeks but I have not had time due to multiple trips back and forth to New Mexico to empty the house and get it ready for the rental management company. At this point we are making a house payment and only visit our house. The payment is lower that what the rent can be so even with all their fees and any other expenses we will at the very least break even and maybe even make a profit. Buying up here in Colorado is just not gonna happen as we would not be able to find more than a starter home that needs fixing for less that 500,000!!!!!