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What Are You Working On Now?   General Discussion

Started 11/19/17 by MarciainMD; 1091387 views.
Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


I worked on my Tree of Life for a while...til my back gave out (sigh) I need a design surface to work on where I can sit down...

Sat out back and watched the birds and the clouds for a while. Sure is pretty in the springtime! 


From: bornblesse2


Spring…..summer is already here….we had 100 degree days this week.   Sigh….

although today was a great girls day at Cathys!  Carrie and joined Cathy to sew.  And the sisters (that a few of you know) joined us after their hair appts!

I will take a picture of a couples things I worked on…..

I am going to a baby shower for the little cousin that got married last Summer. She is expecting end of June. Then we will spend the rest of the weekend taking another load to our new place in Montrose. No rest for the warry. I do hope to work for a little bit on the dress I am making for DD wedding. I have made a fitting toile so am ready to at least cut it out and it is not a complicated pattern.

I just got back from Waco.  DD broke her foot at work, but didn't understand how worker's comp works.  I went down to help her get to work and take her to the foot specialist.  But because she didn't follow the "protocol", we ended up literally starting over at another urgent care center to get another referal in network and with a claim number.  She was very frustrated but I think she's on track now.  I brought her home for the weekend then take her back on Sunday.  I would stay again but I have a Dr appointment Monday. Tuesday we are getting new carpet in the back part of the house, including sewing room.  Sooooo, today is moving day.  I've already pickup up and moved most from the kids bedrooms (M only has a bed and a chair in hers).  But all those baskets of fabric.  And figuring out how to take down my LA table.  Because there is a small turn, we can't just take it through the door.  And the hide-a-bed has to be turned on end and slid through the door on a piece of cardboard.  Going to be a long day.  and no sewing except hand sewing for several days until it is put back.


From: MelRN


My next project is to paint my kitchen cabinets. I started taking off the doors and handles, will scrub everything with degreaser, then start with the sanding/painting :D 


From: bornblesse2


Oh noooo…..broke her foot?  Ouch!

hubby and I have been having insurance issues as well.   Fighting them is not fun!  Boy, you have your work out coming with flooring!  We need to do some of our floors.  BUT, the AC had be done first.  Now, save up a bit before the next big project, we have some short trips this summer…, after that.


From: Shyraz


Wonderful gift quilts Dee

Sharon Siácci 


From: bornblesse2


So at retreat, I think it was Misha who put this flimsy together.  In my donations since retreat, I had this black and white, as well as a piece of panda fabric appear!

I added a bit of black and white to make the top longer, then pieced the back to make it big enough….it will be fun to finish now.  Thank Misha!


From: Midkid5


Oh, better than a teddy bear.