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Trying to remember tote bag name   General Discussion

Started 6/8/19 by sueinIL; 406 views.

From: sueinIL


Ah, I didn't know that! I remember I made some fold-up bags for a retreat gift one year.  They ended up as a little pillow folded up on itself and tucked in, kind of like those quillow quilts that were popular then.I

Thanks for the information, 

Sue in IL

When I saw you post I knew it had to be a schlep bag. We made them at a VOS retreat many years ago. I was sitting across from Lindale Hoo. She decided to make a teeny tiny version for Zelda the stuffed zebra that was sent by a forum member who could not attend in person. I think Linda''s bag was about 2-3 inches tall....goes to show you can make them any size.


From: Mishii


I'm glad you asked about this.  I have a lot of orphan blocks that I think will be put to good use as schlep bags.  I also need some bags as I don't have very many.

Thanks for the link whoever posted it!

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From: judyinohio


You are most welcome, Mishii.  Have fun schlepping!


From: MarciainMD


Judy, thank you for sharing the link.  I was just thinking about making some shopping bags and this pattern will be great as well as using up some stash!