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border opinions pls   General Discussion

Started Jul-15 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 822 views.

I'm  feeling conflicted here.  I honestly prefer #3 - but not a single person is picking 3.  I can't figure out why I like 3.  It must be that my pictures aren't representative.  Then surely everyone would agree with me.... hmmmm.


From: judyinohio


I liked #3 at first when I saw your forum selection but my very distant view of it made me think it might be too "dotty". As I wrote earlier, I cannot enlarge forum photos.

Could you please send me a closer view of it by personal email?

Ok went back and looked again. Here is why I like 2 better than 3. The fabric in 3 seems lighter kinda grey in the thumbnail photo on my cell phone. The black in 2 makes all those little black pinwheels sparkle. Look at a thumbnail photo and then you will see. 

Looking at the quilt from your prespective on the design wall full sized I am sure it is different.


From: sueinIL


Going to reply before I see what others have chosen.


Sue in IL

the fabric in 3 is a small check - not a gingham, but looks like a hand drawn checkerboard.  I think I like the "playful" feel.  Also it isn't as stark a contrast as the black.  I started out with a wide board of the black multi and it truely felt like the top of floating.  So I made it narrower and like it a bit better.  I don't know if I"m leaning towards 3 because I really like the fabric and haven't been able to use it much.  Or if it really is better.  Yes, I'm over thinking.

hmmm, having problems logging in to my email.  grrrrr.

I tried texting you.  My phone can't find your email and my computer can't log into yahoo.

In the end just please yourself. All three are nice and whichever you choose will be really pretty!