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border opinions pls   General Discussion

Started Jul-15 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 819 views.

From: judyinohio


Since I cannot enlarge the photos to make an accurate assessment of the difference between #2 and #3, I will agree with Ami.  The  solid dark tone nicely surrounds the busy-ness of the quilt.

hmm, wish you were here.  The photo isn't very good.  Here's another.  The black makes it seem to float.  Not sure how I feel about the floating.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


I think I like #2 as it helps me "settle" a bit.  Neat quilt!

Ok, that is a good point.  I was leaning towards 3 but it is busy too.

I'm  feeling conflicted here.  I honestly prefer #3 - but not a single person is picking 3.  I can't figure out why I like 3.  It must be that my pictures aren't representative.  Then surely everyone would agree with me.... hmmmm.


From: judyinohio


I liked #3 at first when I saw your forum selection but my very distant view of it made me think it might be too "dotty". As I wrote earlier, I cannot enlarge forum photos.

Could you please send me a closer view of it by personal email?