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Product Review: Jerry's Jellyroll Jig   General Discussion

Started 7/20/19 by Suze (casuzenn); 1278 views.

From: tuckyquilter


Absolutely.  I was at the shop that weekend, but my travel buddy is always in a rush.  I barely had time to get the Row by Row for my friend in ID.  LOL I'd love to get some from your area too.  I only managed 3.  Cotton & Chocolate, Quilt Emporium and The Fabric Shoppe here in town.

Did you get to the The Fabric Shoppe here in Camarillo?  It's a nice little place.

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


if The Fabric Shoppe is on the Run or ever has been on the Run...then we have been to it.. we don't add a bunch of stores other than the ones on the Run just because time is pretty tight (though we do try to get to Rosie's in San Diego!...that is a favorite of all of us in the car)...we typically only spend 15 minutes in a store..maybe a bit longer if all of us buy something! or if they have an interesting demo like Cotton and Chocolate did with this Jig.. or if they have a long line for the bathroom!! (we are getting to be old ladies..have to go at each store...when we started doing the Run..we could hold it longer!!) And yes we have a schedule and yes we have a timekeeper!! we used to have a navigator with printed maps...but we have all the stores programmed into the GPS and that has made things so much easier! And we have an iPAD to find places to stop for meals...and to look at traffic...

This is what happens when you get a bunch of technical gals involved with a challenge!!


From: Mmerlesmith


I got one this summer and I love it!  Cut my rug making time by about 80%!