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The Sewing of Amish Quilts is a Global Business   General Discussion

Started Aug-23 by judyinohio; 383 views.

From: latterberry


Wow!  Thanks for sharing such and interesting article.  I guess it is good that the Amish are giving work to the Asians, but sad to hear how little they make.  


From: cabinqltr


Judy Thanks for sharing this article.  We have visited Lancaster, PA often over the years.  I saw this happening quite a few years ago while in one of the "Amish Quilt Shops".  A van load of ladies were delivering said quilts to the shop to be sold.  They hustled them in to a back room to take care of business.  After we came home I told several folks of our experience and no one wanted to hear it .  I have waited patiently for this to surface .   I have mixed emotions about this.  Yes they are beautiful quilts, well made but not  Amish Made as all the signs would led you to believe.    Ruth