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what ever happened to   Quilting Swaps - Unsewn

Started 9/21/19 by latterberry; 849 views.
In reply toRe: msg 7

From: latterberry


I know what it's like to be short (5 feet too) and have trouble reaching things.  Most of the time you can't even find a clerk or worker to help you so I've had to ask another shopper.  I often have older gentlemen hold or open doors for me and I make sure I thank them appreciatively.  Sometimes I wonder if it is this crazy women's lib stuff that some men are afraid to do stuff for them for fear of getting told off.  Me-- I like being treated like a lady. 


From: Pamjr


I think it's just common curtsey  to hold the door for the next person. I do it for men or woman. I will say when a young woman rushed back to open the door for me , when I went to pick up pizza, I thought I must look pretty bad. I looked in the car mirror when I got back in the car. LOL

If I'm the first one to the door, I open it and hold it for who ever is behind me. If I see someone coming out, pushing a stroller or with their hands full, I open it for them to come out. If there is a man behind me, they are usually surprised. I just say, "I'm sure you have opened the door a million times for others." It's like letting someone merge into traffic on the freeway. I not gong to speed up so you can't get in. I'm going to slow a tad, let you in and keep the traffic moving. Then the next time you'll feel like doing the same.  I think driving is stressful enough. I worked for 35 years and was always in a hurry, always running behind. I retired and now don't have that stress anymore. 


From: judyinohio


latterberry said:

so I've had to ask another shopper.

I've lost track of the times I have had to ask another shopper to reach for something up on a high shelf for me at a "big box store".  There's a problem at the wild bird seed department at our Meijer's store where my favorite seed is on the shelf nearest the ceiling (LOL) and I'm forever at the end of the aisle trying to waylay some tall person to get it down for me.  ("Excuse me, may I borrow your husband for a minute ... " is my usual question when a couple is going by.)

My own husband's bad back makes him too feeble to shop with me.


From: tuckyquilter


Millenials think the world owes them, and they won't lift a hand for anyone. They're the GIVE ME THE FREE stuff crowd too.