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VALLEY OF THE SUN RETREAT Feb 14-16 2020   News and Announcements

Started 10/31/19 by KSCarolyn; 173314 views.

nylaagain said...

She has chosen, as an adult, by her first name, Jetta. I named her at birth and called her Lee Ann. Her name is Jetta Lee Ann Brand Barcus

Oops! Didn't see this explanation! I'm sorry, Jetta, for calling you other than what you prefer! :0

LABFIEND said...

My oldest I called by his middle name, till he got in college and they officially called him by his first name.  Now he goes by either, he can tell how long you have known him by what name you call him!!

I had a cousin I called "anything" and wrote to him (snail mail) forever with that name!

I had a long name that I used until 2009. I shortened it to Mel for many reasons. 1-I lost my husband, my church, a lot of friends and 67 lb all in one year. 2-Biblical people get a new name when their lives are steered in a different direction. 3-One friend telling me off for the name and one set of family harassing me (still) over the name made me hate the old name with a passion. So, I'm Mel. I'll call you John Jacob Jingle Heimer Smith if you want me to :P 

Pirate (PIRATE_SR) said...

  If someone calls me 'Michele',

Hahaha! I didn't know it was. I do alternate between Shelley and Pirate, but...the other doesn't fit :P 

I cannot imagine being scared of Bob. He's sweet and he loves you so much!!

I didn't know that you had another name either! This is cool!

Pirate (PIRATE_SR) said...

If it's advertised, I think we can legitimately ask to have our room rate adjusted even though we have a contract.

Did anyone do that? I waited and didn't hear from anyone so didn't go ask


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


I'm so very glad you didn't lose you "Droopy Drawers troll".  Or maybe the name needs to be "Peek-a-boo Buns troll".  Hmmm...  I'll keep thinking.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Yetta is so right!  The retreat time together is so very special to each one of us.  We share together and catch up, sew our fingers off and snack on all sorts of goodies!  I am still in awe how our hostesses run organize every detail from near and far and just hope they get as much personal joy out of the retreat as each attendee with all plans and details to tend to... before during and after.  

I am totally a Lyft fan after using it to and from the airport.  My what clean, timely vehicles and friendly and courteous drivers!   I was 3 lbs over weight so took out a project bag I did not work on and tossed it in my carry on.  I was surprised how light the airport felt in terms of passengers.  Then realized tomorrow will likely be busier as it's the Presidents Day holiday.  So I boarded my plane and arrived at SJC 12 minutes ahead of schedule and my DH met me at baggage claim to handle my 50.9 lb bag.  Whew!  He hadn't eaten yet either so we stopped for lunch/dinner at more than an In-n-Out and now I'm snuggled under my blanket in my recliner.  Ah....

Sleep well everyone and we'll dream dreams with memories in preparation of 2021.

LeeAnn (mom1me2)

From: LeeAnn (mom1me2)


No big deal Mel.  As I have said, as long as civil..... and I will always be ‘LeeAnn’ to my momma. Either is fine. Confusion comes with FB