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VALLEY OF THE SUN RETREAT Feb 14-16 2020   News and Announcements

Started 10/31/19 by KS Carolyn (KSCarolyn); 193073 views.

From: lppenguins


Ladies, i am so glad to hear everyone had a good time again this year!
You all are so much fun, I didn’t get to visit in the evenings much this year (just to pooped)

 I too am already planning for next year. 

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Sorry I haven't been here since the retreat.  Went to ER Sunday late afternoon.  All is well, no fracture or other problem.  Just the rug burn on my forehead and nose and big bruise on my left knee.  Lucky!

Monday was laundry and packing to go to Las Vegas for my brothers funeral and celebration of life.  Not a happy time but it was nice to see some family I hadn't seen in a while.

We got home yesterday too tired to do anything.  Finally got the sewing stuff unpacked today.  Shower and dentist next.

More on retreat later.  I just finished about 250 posts.  Keep up the chatter.  Carolyn, is it time time put this thread to bed for this year?


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


I'm sorry you have to deal with a roommate issue.  I thought you just had one but perhaps two?  When you add others to your life that closely (inside your house as a roommate) you have to deal with both the ups and downs.  Keep out of it emotionally and do not read into things flippantly said...  especially on FB!  If one needs to move let her go.  If the other is young, less mature and reacting then you don't need her too.  Just do your own diligence, keep your goal of no debt as best you can and keep trusting God for your life path.  You have gotten this far doing so and I'm very proud to have watched you make wise decisions and work hard along your journey.  Keep on Keeping on!




Cathy (cacnurse1) said:

Went to ER Sunday late afternoon

Good grief!  You gals need to quit falling!!  Glad you are OK.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


viola (sissly4) said...

Glad you  are back home safe.You must be worm out.It was nice seeing you again.I am almost done with my 8 quilt's that I done at the retreat.Just have to put binding on it.I will do that today.I have a late lunch this afternoon.Hope by Monday  I will send them off to Mo to Le ANN.

You ARE amazing for all you get done!  It was fun to sit with you and watch you sew and finish one after another.  My goodness girlfriend!!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Going over to find our regular thread!  It's just been too fun!  I've unpacked the major stuff but it is piled either in the sewing room or the bedroom and laundry room as appropriate.  Turns out I left a wool project on the plane.  I left the stiff plastic box in the seat pocket.  Fiddle.  But fortunately my thimble, scissors and ball of thread were not in there with it.  Dummy me.  It was made from recycled wool so I can recreate and have lots of tubs of reclaimed wool from secondhand stores.  I'm just glad it was not something more important.  I guess I was just so tired and anxious to get out of the plane and home!  

See you all over on our regular thread.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Bummer.  I am not the "searcher" Misha and Shelley and others are.  I can't find our regular VOS thread!  Help!

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


Judy (DJZMOM) said:

I left the stiff plastic box in the seat pocket. 

ask if it got turned into lost and found at he airport...

my DH left a tablet at TSA once and I called and they found it...they wanted to make sure it was mine so they made me read out a contact on my contacts list...but it was there!! I had to send a prepaid postage file to them to get them to mail it but I was relieved to get it back...

maybe who ever  cleaned out the airplane turned it in!!


From: Mishii



that the plug wouldn't come out of the socket of the lamp base. 

There was something seriously wrong with that lamp base.  I had to work really hard to get the other plug out too!

I'm glad you're ok and didn't hurt yourself too badly! (((HUGS)))