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VALLEY OF THE SUN RETREAT Feb 14-16 2020   News and Announcements

Started Oct-31 by KSCarolyn; 56409 views.

From: bornblesse2


Yes, I will work on getting them finished. If I take charity tops back to my church group, they get tied.  But any charity ones I bring can go to any charity.  Other around sometimes do charity...

Or, I could try to quilt with DENISE!  But, I hardly see that girl!  This year it has been like she lives in another start because of her busy therapy workouts!


From: Misha (MISHAMISHA)


bornblesse2 said:

because of her busy therapy workouts

I was *wondering* why we don't see Denise online as much anymore. I had hoped it had to do with her being out & about more than before she got her new leg :)

KSCarolyn said...

message #1 that the balance of the retreat fee is due by January 18th.

I'm sorry; I skimmed the message and missed it. Thanks, Caro! <3

Denise is having computer problems and can't get on the forum. Talked to her on the phone the other day.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Thanks for the advice.  I'm sorry I didn't know you were in the throws of a quilt missing!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Thanks!  I'll tell DJ about Honeywell.


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Today we all went over to begin the major "clean out" of DH's Dad's house.  Wow, did we work.  It wasn't that he was messy or a hoarder just that after 49 years of marriage and history in one home...  it's a bit overwhelming the "stuff" which accumulates.  But we were able to get a lot done.  David and DJ worked in the "office" to dig for more "background" information on the two rental properties, the deed to the main house and quit claim deeds on the other two rentals and some sort of rabbit trail leading through the history of who had how much on each. 

We have been desperately trying to find the safe combination as we were thinking that is the last place that logically makes sense and perhaps the 8 gold coins would be in there two.  DJ was concentrating on the closet of binders and technical paperwork.  My BIL and I went to a local organization helping the needy and homeless with black plastic bags FULL of shoes, socks, underware and mens clothes.  We also had lots of household stuff my SIL had removed from the kitchen to move her own things in.  When we returned to the house and DJ and DH were all smiles.  They shared they had discovered how to get into the safe!!!  Of course, I asked where the combination was and DJ just got a grin on his face, "I'm just that good!"  Turns out the way they got into the safe was....  are you ready for it....  OPEN THE stinkin' door!!  Seems none of us got down to look closely at it and while DJ was on the floor he could see the door was not quite seated so he just OPENED the silly thing!!!  Oh!  Good!  Grief!!!  Jackpot!!!!!!  All items we needed to find were in there including many more coins.  

Another item DJ found were two cedar boxes with a child's tea set.  He unwrapped each piece and set them out on the coffee table.  My DFIL was in the Air Force after high school and at one point station in Japan.  He bought this set and sent it home to his mother.  I just couldn't resist and asked if anyone else wanted it.  Nope.  So I packed it back up and it will come here.  I will send pics as it is so cute!  Little lightweight silverware are in the set too!!  I held one spoon with a cup so you can see my thumb with it so you can see perspective in size.  That was fun.  I also was able to bring home my MIL's black longbed Singer 301.  My DFIL told me a couple of years ago he was using it to repair clothes but I could have it if I wanted it.  It even has a sewing table (cardtable like) with a cut out specifically for that machine but we have not found that.  I am so excited to get that out after Christmas to give her a spa treatment and take some pics and look up dates.

It was a busy and long day and I'm paying for it tonight as I ache all over and just want to get to sleep but can't.  Here...  have a cuppa.  ETA:  Sorry the pics were sideways but you can still see the pieces.

Too cute, Judy! Congrats on figuring out the safe; I bet there were a lot of important papers there.




Love the tea set, and the 301!  Glad you are getting things sorted out.  It helps to have several sets of hands to get the sorting done. 

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


wow...sounds like a busy, busy day! Tea set is really cute! and whoohoo for the 301!