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Setting the seams?   General Discussion

Started Nov-26 by sueinIL; 732 views.

From: tuckyquilter


I do it because it's supposed to help the threads and fabric lay better.  

Kay Ahr (KayAhr65)

From: Kay Ahr (KayAhr65)


But how do we know that?  (I'm a scientific method kind of person!)


From: tuckyquilter


No scientific proof to quote. However, when I don't set the seams they never lay as neatly a when I do.  Cause and effect at my ironing board.  I have also kind of thought that when I have to rip pressed seams, it's a bit harder than when the seam hasn't been pressed together. I might be wrong but it just feels like that is the case.

I'll be watching to see if anyone else comes up with new information for us.

I wonder if the heat softens the fibers so they fold over better.  That said, I rarely do it.  I tend to finger press at the sewing table.  So no setting seams there.  The only time I will do it is on borders and that's mostly because they tend to be wobbly and stretched a little after sewing so I want to flatten them before I fold over.