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Coffee Talk - General Chit Chat    Off-Topic Chat

Started 2/2/20 by Misha (MISHAMISHA); 54886 views.

From: Mishii



you leave a door open and he was game to see what was on the other side. 

Yes you had to be careful.  We would leave our front door open all the time and they just HAD to check it out.  I might be keeping hay or some other goodies in my living room ya know!  Nothing more fun than turning a corner and a cow is standing there.  You jump and yell AHHH and she calmly looks at you and says, moo.


From: tuckyquilter


Is there a way to just post something new on this thread without having to reply to another post?   Just wondering.


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


you still have to reply to a post, but you can change the To to say All instead of the last person.  You'll have to put a space after the All because of Allie576 (or something) smiley

Mishii said:

Moral of the story:  Don't let your cow walk on your tile floors, it is difficult for them. Dogs seem to be ok.

Thanks for the laugh!
I needed it, had to have FD out at 2:30 this am DH fell again and I can’t get him up any more.   But we have carpet, so he just has matching rug burns. 




And if you reply to a post you made, it defaults to ALL.

Thanks Sue, this is something to check out for sure. 

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From: Midkid5


For Sale:  High temperatures and excessively high humidity

With the right amount of creative ability these products are able to produce thundering music, majestic light shows, teeming precipitation and straight line breezes.

Baseballs, gulf balls, peas and hula hoops included at no additional charge but may create additional costs.

Contact: National Oceanic and Atmopheric Administration or your local weatherman (remember he's just the messenger so may take longer to arrange sale)

Reason for sailing: high water, closed parks and washed out roads


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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


Can we talk about boobs?   or rather, the support of them.   :-)

Genetically, I have big boobs.  (thanks, Mom).  Being overweight contributes to bigger boobs.   My bad.  I've worn underwire bras since I can't remember when.  These bras are a wonderfully engineered combination of various fabrics (stretch and non-stretch) and wire to support the weight.  They aren't the type of bra you can go into Kohl's or Penney's or Target and get off the shelf.  Nope, these bras are specialty items that command a premium price. 

I may grumble at the cost (they cost WHAT!?!??) but my comfort and proper support are quite important.  I take good care of my bras and they tend to last a very long time.

I go to stores that have trained ladies to have the bras properly fitted.  When they are, you simply forget that you are even wearing a bra.  Most of the time I'm unaware that I have a bra on.   Yeah, there are some occurrences when the underwire can seem to be a bit snug and that's uncomfortable .. but that's not the normal case. 

Well, some time ago, I experienced a rather painful JAB at the tender flesh precisely under a boob.  I'd wiggle around and it would go away but would return.  When I removed the bra, I took a look and discovered that I had BROKEN MY BRA.     Oh good lord ... the underwire had snapped in two and the broken end had worked its way through the fabric channel.  Ouch.     

Being a sewer, I could see that if I just spent a little time with Jack, I could open up the area where the break was.  My thought was to wrap "something" around the two pieces to rejoin them, then stitch the channel back up.   Ha.   You know how the saying about the best laid plans of mice and men goes.  I didn't have anything that would stiffen up the break, which would have been a good idea.   Tape, neither masking nor electric, provided a stable join.  Mr. Pirate contributed a shrink-wrap electrical wire tubing thing and that kinda/sorta worked but the break was still wiggly.  The two ends do stay together although the break still tends to "bend".  But since the break is underneath the boob, as along as the underwire stays INSIDE the fabric channel, I figure it's good.  It does work so that was my solution.  

Just *recently*, with a different bra, I experienced the same jabbing pain.  Man, I *knew* what the problem was right away.  Sure enough, I had broken ANOTHER bra.  Sigh.  This time, Mr Pirate suggested that I bring it to a welder and have him weld the two ends together.   <imagine me staring at Mr. Pirate>  Umm ... no.  I am not taking a bra underwire to a welder.   

Then, it occurred to me ....heeeeeey .... there is actually a sub-group of sewers who make their own bras.  (I had experimented with it many years ago)  There are SUPPLIES for this endeavor, so I looked for underwires.  I found a place!  Woo hoo!  Luckily, they gave the dimensions of their underwires (instead of just bra sizes), which was very handy because bra sizes are NOT standard and they didn't like "my" size anyway.  I found some underwires that appeared as though they might work.

They arrived today.  Excitedly, I threaded the new, replacement underwire into the fabric channel and .. voila! ... my bra is FIXED!!  With a sturdy, one-piece underwire!  I am so jazzed!  I just shake my head at myself that I hadn't previously thought of *replacing* the underwire instead of trying to fix it.

And the cost?   Are you sitting down?  The underwires were $3.50.  For six *pairs*.  That's TWELVE underwires.  For $3.50.  Plus shipping and a "small order fee" of $1.00 (because they have a minimum amount that I hadn't met).

My bras are good to go for many more years.  Because I really do grumble at the cost of a new one.  :-)

I can't tell you how many different kinds of underwire bras I have bought over the years in the never-ending quest for a comfortable, supportive bra that fits well and can be comfortably worn all day.  I have been so disappointed so many times.  I don't mind paying a bit more if it is a quality bra that will last long enough that I feel I have gotten my money's worth.  But I have been disappointed so many times.  And invariably, when I find one I really like, they discontinue that style.  I even found some GREAT ones at Walmart several years ago that I was quite happy with.  But I should have bought more of them.  When they're gone, they're gone.

So, please tell me -- what kind is it that you are talking about in your post?

I have not had the problem of breaking the wires in two pieces, but the problem I have most often is the ends of the wires wearing holes at the ends of the channels, either under the arm or in the cleavage.  I have been able to make repairs and wear them for a while longer.  But inevitably, you have to give it up when you can't even fix it anymore.