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hexie Forever Project - down the rabbit hole   General Discussion

Started 5/1/20 by Pirate (PIRATE_SR); 23126 views.

From: judyinohio


Shhhhh .... don't reveal that your sewing space was neat.

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That's the sound of another one going down the rabbit hole with Pirate and Lynne..........hey guys!

So I found my nifty triangle ruler and pressed and cut out some fabric already. Good thing this is just awful quality stuff that is thick and very pale on the backside because I already cut stuff wrong..................forehead thunk................yes I knew I needed two sizes of those rhombus shapes. Back to cutting more fabric. Good thing I have plenty. I think I am going for a wall hanging with 5 to 7 of these blocks...........or a sprinkle more in a largeish size and maybe a few small ones to keep them company..................a quick easy FUN project to exercise the brain cells. I started with 3 inch tall triangles and 1" wide rhombos parts. I think if I like this I might have to go thru the scrap bin and maybe a few other bins in search of some nice fabrics...............right now I am just playing with making one successful block on my sewing machine...............I want quick, easy, instant gratification!

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And just like that!

Well not just like that. There was some wasted fabric (free bad quality fabric don't care) and a little time with Jack. For the first block it is ok. I am now thinking blocks offset in a vertical column in rainbow cascade.

Oh and all the pieces cut with that ruler in my stash of rulers  ( I have a ruler addiction ).

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Oh and I forgot to say on the above fabrics. Those are just two fabrics, the lightest is the backside of the darkest. Don't forget if you turn your fabric to the wrong side you can get nice shading.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR) said:

However, if you choose different colored fabrics, it can make picking the contrast easier because you don't always have the best dark/med/light in one color family, whereas, you CAN get that contrast with different colors.

Don't forget to look at the backside of the fabric.................amazing the contrast that can give. Not all backside works but some sure do.

Pirate (PIRATE_SR) said:


With my ruler I was able to cut 3" triangles (finished) and went from there and the side are 1" but I may cut them down to 3/4" and see how that looks..............using the notches from the triangles I was able to make this entirely by machine without pinning................slicker than hound dog slobber...........and I have a hound dog so I can attest to how slick that is! Thanks for the tips! Measured from one side to opposite side is 10 1/2 unfinished and one tip to the opposite 12" unfinished. I think that will be a pretty good size for my wall hanging..................I am way to lazy to make a trillion of these in a small size by hand :/ but I am willing to do applique by hand and need to get back to that vine border I was planning for the tree of life quilt...............I have the vine fabric cut but need to use my bias maker tool and sew it together and press it so I can start working on forever project!


From: latterberry


Welcome to the rabbit hole--your block looks great!  I must be doing something wrong though.  All I did was look at the picture and kind of going from there. 2 sizes of rhombus pieces??  Ooops,  all I did was sew a straight  strip on the side that extended and inch or so beyond the side, then used the  ruler to trim it.  Oh well, it is working for me so I better not try to confuse myself.  

latterberry said:

Ooops, all I did was sew a straight strip on the side that extended and inch or so beyond the side, then used the ruler to trim it. Oh well, it is working for me so I better not try to confuse myself.

Lynne there is nothing wrong with the way you did your pieces.............that works fine as well. The ruler I have was perfect but if I did not have it I would likely do it the same you you did. It was a fun little project to make and I am going to try another in a different size and see how that goes before I forage into the project I have in mind.

It is a fun little challenge to sew these little blocks up, kinda like a puzzle to figure it all out.


From: latterberry


It is like a puzzle. The block is not hard to put together, but getting the right fabrics in the right places  takes some thought.  At least for me it does.  I got a few more made and see that the yellow didn't turn out as well.  They looked OK when up close to my face.