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Send encouraging cheer!   General Discussion

Started 1/21/21 by bornblesse2; 7687 views.

Dee that looks amazing! Yup I bet Suze will love it!


From: Judy (DJZMOM)


Your block is very cool with the modern, freeform style heart!

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Pirate (PIRATE_SR)

From: Pirate (PIRATE_SR)


PSA for those of you who haven't mailed the heart blocks to Suze yet:

Background info: if you send a letter, you pay the First Class postage.  If can't bend or is kinda puffy, you pay a surcharge, as that kind of envelope is considered a "non-machineable envelope".  A regular letter can be **no more** than 6" wide, as that is the width of the slot that the envelopes go through.  It has to bend (as letters or correspondence does) because the item needs to go *around* a roller.   That's why there's a surcharge .. because it needs to be hand-cancelled or requires human intervention.

So, with that in mind, I had some scrapbooking dies that I was mailing.  Originally, I had taped the dies on a piece of cardboard and used a 6x9 envelope.  Well, the 6x9 envelope is really 6.5x9.5 ... just 1/2" too wide for the machine slot, so it automatically gets kicked up from "envelope" to "package", which means a whole lot MORE in postage.  Fortunately, after being educated on that, I was able to take it home, repackage the dies into a business envelope (still with a piece of cardboard so the dies wouldn't get bent) and I was able to pay the small surcharge (in addition to the First Class postage).  All was good.

Now, it's time for me to mail my blocks to Suze.  I went overboard and made 3 blocks (so, Suze .. you *should* have 3 blocks in that envelope!).   With us putting the 2" border on the heart block, makes it just ever so slightly too big for a #10 envelope, so I made my own envelope, making SURE it would fit through the machine slot.  (My envelope was 4"x10").  Yes, with the 3 blocks inside, it was kinda puffy, but I was expecting that and the resultant surcharge.

When I got to the PO window, I was asked what was inside?  A mask?     I should have said 'yes' and maybe the outcome would have been different.  But, I was honest and said it was fabric.   I was informed that **because it was so puffy** and it didn't contain correspondence, it no longer qualified for a letter but it was now considered a "package".  I did mention that there *was* a note inside (i.e. "correspondence")  and asked about the "non-machinable letter" but was told .. nope, didn't qualify.   I had to pay the **PACKAGE** postage rate, which is considerably higher than First Class postage.

Now, Suze, you are TOTALLY worth the postage :-)  but I was expecting to pay the surcharge amount not a whole couple of levels higher!   Maybe if I had mailed only ONE block?  Maybe if I had said "oh yeah, it's a face mask!" Maybe if it wasn't so puffy?  .. maybe that would have been different.

Therefore, heed my experience and make sure that your block qualifies for First Class postage only!  


From: bornblesse2


That’s neat!  Good job Dee!  And you can use what3 e4 color background you want, by the way..


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


don't be too impressed, I copied the heart from this book .  A quilting friend here gave me the book and the kit a few months ago (which I seriously doubt I'll ever do) but it was a good source of heart applique ideas.  I was more impressed that I figured out how to enlarge and shrink it to just the right size on my home printer. smile


Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)



I found when I was mailing masks, if I folded  them (usually mailed two at a time) inside of a card (not just a piece of paper) it was able to squish down far enough to fit into their machine...and the surface was not puffy. Post Office never questioned the postage...I did weigh them on  my ancient postage scale and added an extra stamp when it went over one ounce...but they all got to where they were going..

something else to think about. 

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


I picked up a copy of that book at Retreat last year! Love those designs...


From: Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3)


I do too.  I had looked at it several years ago when it first came out, there were a couple of quilts at the Dallas show that i really liked.  But then I looked at all those inside points and thought it would drive me crazy!  Then a few months ago my quilty cousin who used to work at a quilt shop told me she was thinning her stash & to come by.  That's where I got the plaid fabric for DD's pink quilt.  Cousin insisted I take this kit that included the book.  I think one of the ladies in the local guild gave it to her and since cousin doesn't applique she gave it to me.  Two or 3 of the block fabrics are missing but the remaining are all batik.  No background fabric, just fabrics for the applique,  small pieces, not big enough really to use for anything other than applique.  I might do one or two just as a sampler type project.

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Beautiful heart even though you just pick the directions you wanted.blush   You have skills!

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From: judyinohio


Since I had no suitable floral fabrics I had make a trip to a fabric store.  Horrors!  Since I had to buy two FQs because I could not make up my mind I had to stitch and stitch and stitch and, there I was unable to make up my mind. I'm forced to stuff all blocks in the Priority Mail envelope I happen to have on hand.

(Notice I typed this above story with no use of the absent key on my keyboard.)

Suze can pitch the blocks she does not like or use the excess to fill in any blanks in her future quilt. Or line a bird cae.  (Does she have a bird?)

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