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Scrappy   General Discussion

Started 11/8/21 by viola (sissly4); 452 views.

From: latterberry


Well, shoot and double darn!!!  I spent the first week in Oct in VA and WVA and spent the night in Hillsville, Va which is only 15 minutes from Fancy Gap!  I remember seeing a sign to it.  When you get out there, check out Floyd VA --about 45 minutes north of there.  It has School House fabrics where they took an old school house and have it full of fabric and notions. 

I did the Skyline Drive then went on up to Harpers Ferry Which was absolutely wonderful.  So much history if you are interested.  I was going through WVA on the way home and was doing good until I got into an accident on the interstate going through Charleston.  Too long of a story to go into, but needless to say I was quite rattled.  The Good Lord was my copilot--no one was hurt and I was still drivable and the police officers were already there because of a previous accident.  Won't stop me from going again.

viola (sissly4)

From: viola (sissly4)


Well you can come again next summer maybe we can meet up there do you have something else maybe planned for next summer where you going to go


From: MelRN


Very pretty!


From: latterberry


I will do that.  I usually start planning in about August and it will be out that way.  I just love the Appalachian mountains.