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mountains fabric   General Discussion

Started Jun-3 by sueinIL; 1318 views.
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From: sueinIL


 Hi, all

I liked the Cupola Views design, too, until I decided I wanted to include more of earth's landscapes as well.  The CV uses pretty small pieces of the Earth Views fabric, and I wanted to use bigger pieces of them.  So what I searched for was a pattern that combined large AND small squares. I found that in a pattern called Under the Shamrock by Designs and Quilting. The large squares are from the Earth Views line, and the small are more literal  landscape features of earth. I cut a lot of them yesterday, but I feel I'll be pretty short of the 124 goal. The pattern includes sashing to frame all the squares.\

I liked the jacket and tote on that  website very much!  Maybe with leftovers?

Sue in IL


From: MelRN


That stained glass pattern is lovely! Looks complicated, but added to my fun Pinterest quilts :D 

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


Those fabrics are beautiful.  Can't wait tosee what you do with them.  I'm planning a quilt for my DH based on astronomy.  He has an observatory and large telescope.  I may have to include someof these.  Not sure when I will get around to it.  Trying to finish UFOs.....


From: Contraryqltr


So glad the link worked and you found a pattern you like!  You all should sign up for their newsletter as they have a giveaway drawing regularly!  I really like their fabrics and patterns, although some are kind of "muddy", which is apparently the in thing!

Mary in Michigan

Glad I am not the only one that is not a fan of the current muddy fabrics. I love clear bright vibrant colors, including their pastel shades for lights.

Ami_Quilts (sewingupasto) said:

not a fan of the current muddy fabrics

and Grunge, hmmm.  in a few years we'll be looking at quilts and thinking you can tell when That was made.

Well I do love Grunge, it makes a great blender and I have a lot of different colors of it in my stash and love it for applique and blender borders. Yup I am sure it will date as Moda marble...........used to love that one too.


From: Contraryqltr


I just bought my first Grunge fabric a month ago only because I could not find the exact color I needed for background fabric.  I have to say it looks really good in the quilt.  The shop owner also mentioned that the wrong side is usable as a totally different look, which I found to be true when piecing.  I'm not a big fan either, but it does have it's uses.

FYI, I got it at Yoders in Shipshewanna for $9.99 a yard which made it a little easier to accept!!

Mary in Michigan


From: tuckyquilter


I tried to find this fabric on the recent Central Coast Shop Hop.  I sometimes watch the space station live on YouTube  (afarTV) and loved the idea of making a quilt.  No one had it..