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Off The Gift List   Off-Topic Chat

Started Jun-17 by judyinohio; 598 views.

From: latterberry


This does not surprise me.  At least you got an attempt at a thank you.  I sent my own grandddaughter a card with cash for her 8th grade graduation and have't hear a thing.  We did go to the ceremony but I had forgotten her card and got it to her a few days later.  Her father ws taught better.  My kids were not allowed to spend or play with ay ift until and thank you was written.

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


Yes, i thought i sounded a little ornery myself. Not like me, that! oh well, we all have bad days and I'm OLD.
In reply toRe: msg 7

From: judyinohio


Long story short, I've heard from the twerp's mother; her golden boy is perfect, will be going to medical school someday and I didn't deserve a long thank you note because he doesn't know me.

Lost cause, folks, that family is a lost cause.

I am so glad that I didn't raise my children during the days of social media when playing in multiple sports, etc. and being the valedictorian at a rinky-dink very small town Ohio school meant you were hot stuff.  If your mother addresses your envelopes for you then you are a momma's boy in my eyes.

CC (ccase5)

From: CC (ccase5)


well, at least one in the family is trying. Poor Mothers.
5dogmom (CRISR5)

From: 5dogmom (CRISR5)


"I didn't deserve a long thank you note because he doesn't know me"

I'd say if he doesn't know you well enough to thank you for a gift, then you don't know him well enough to send him future gifts.  Like upon his graduation from college, his engagement, his graduation from medical school, his wedding, the birth of his children, etc.

I'd lose any future mail I received from these people.

Cris in MT



From: Midkid5


Sounds like it was mother's idea to send out announcements to everyone not the young mans. My guess would be that the young man wrote out generic thank you notes for his mothers announcements and that's why mama addressed the envelopes.  It was once tradition to send graduation announcements to all of the relatives, some are just not willing to give that one up.



From: MelRN


Often, they send it to anyone they might know, have known, or could know. If everyone were to send $20, they'd be rich. They figure even if 20% of people send a gift, they're richer. I've often not gotten any note back, tho.