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First Feathers   General Discussion

Started Jun-22 by judyinohio; 918 views.
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From: judyinohio


Thanks, Mel. 

Considering how I was holding my breath most of the time I was working on those it's a wonder I didn't pass out. disappointed_relieved

Suze (casuzenn)

From: Suze (casuzenn)


hahaha...most of us do that when we are doing FMQ...did you have your tongue stuck between your teeth too??

Mantra when Quilting....'Breathe!!'


From: judyinohio


I've been doing free motion work on Cecil Faye for decades and I had gotten very relaxed about it because of the "gadgets" I use. Machinger gloves, super slider under the quilt, a perfect open toed foot and years of practice made things go quite easily until three years ago when my broken left arm (and cracked left shoulder) messed things up big time.  Doggoned left arm just never quite recovered from that injury and so free motion work developed a sort of "hesitation" or "limp".

I mean if it's hard to reach out and pull my car door shut in my SUV or manipulate the steering wheel in the car you can guess it's tricky to finesse with a quilt under the needle of the sewing machine. unamused


From: MelRN


Pls don't pass out on us! LOL!!! 


From: Contraryqltr


They look really good.  I hunch my shoulders up when I FMQ on my regular machine - I've had to stick to smallish lap size or smaller quilts because my shoulders are not what they use to be and get so tense during quilting that it's not worth the pain.

Mary in Michigan

Cathy (cacnurse1)

From: Cathy (cacnurse1)


This quilt really did need feathers.  It looks good.  I had never thought of doing half hearts but that is a great idea.  I was always comfortable doing hearts.  Will have to give feathers a try on a small project.

re half hearts, in the quilting class I took on line, she has an all over pattern that utilized that idea. for some reason it was easier for me to get my head around it.  The main difference tho is I usually draw a heart starting at the top V and go down towards the point.  With this you start with the point and go up towards the V.  If you want to "turn", you just put more loops (shoulders?) on the side you want to turn away from.  If you get stuck in a corner, you can echo back to where you want to be.  The overall texture is very nice.


From: MelRN


That is cool! Wish I had a longarm so I could do that kind of stuff. Now I realize I could do it :D 


In reply toRe: msg 18

I've seen people do it on sit down machines too.  Angelia Walters has lots of great videos on doing freemotion on a sit down machine.