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At least 2 UFO Challenge   Quilting Challenges

Started 8/28/22 by MelRN; 4077 views.

Thank you, happy to say quilting done so onto binding next.


From: MelRN


Ok, gotcha on. Wow, your UFO's go back so far! It's neat to have all that history! :D I'm always excited when I'm pulling fabrics and they are dated around turn of the century (from my stash) or 80's/90's from garage sale finds. LOL!!!!

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From: bornblesse2


An update for my List.

1) my table runner is quilted.  Now I am searching for a dark gold color fabric to make binding.  I have nothing that will work.

2) I figured out how the use the triangle to make a table topper and got the backing.  Now to dig out a piece of batting and to quilt it.

3). The apron is sewn together!  Yippee!


From: MelRN


Yay! You go, Ellen! 


I've been bad. Since winter is coming and I have a smaller car again, I want to park inside. I've spent the last couple weekends working on the garage. I want it organized and ready! I'll get back to quilting :)

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I got the binding hand sewn to the mini quilt so now need to hand turn.

I also marked a stencil on the border of the block I need to finish handquilting.

Both of the little projects are ready for my long weekend trip to CA to see our Uncle, he is now 92.


From: MelRN


Way to go, Ami! :D I'm nearing where I can work on mine again. LOL!!! I told myself I couldn't till I was done with the garage.



From: bornblesse2


I’m finally sewing binding onto a quilt I made for a friend from the 3 yard quilt book.  It has been waiting for this last stitching a couple weeks.  So now I gotta get it done!

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From: latterberry


I got my three finished a couple of weeks ago and finally got around to taking a photo.  Now to decide on my next three.