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cute variation on a dresden plate   Quilting Swaps - Unsewn

Started Sep-1 by Dee in TX (DBRADFOR3); 592 views.

Very nice.  Some of those fabrics look like Liberty.  I've pretty much decided that EPP is not for me, because I don't particularly enjoy doing it as much as other types of construction, but I always admire the work of those who do.  I do like that one very much, and wonder what the rest of the quilt will look like.  

Wow Shelley that is beautiful! Too many irons in my fire too.....sigh!

That would also work with conventional hand piecing as well. That is how I would tackle it. It would be a great portable project. You could plop a big one in the middle, do 4 quarter ones for the corners!

Yes, I can see that could be done with simple hand-piecing.  I would like that a lot more than EPP.  


From: Contraryqltr


Wowsers - that's really incredible.  I have "man hands" when it comes to fine work/hand sewing but kudos to those who do it and love it.

Mary in Michigan


From: MelRN


That would be a very hard NO from my corner :P