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How many of you...   General Discussion

Started Sep-9 by MelRN; 693 views.
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All The Time.  I just figured that places like Jordan Fabrics & MSQC were trying to make the pattern (cutting, sewing) as simple as possible because that is their target market.  Also they operate fabric stores, so they aren't necessarily interested in saving fabric smile

For the same reason (simplicity of instruction) I often don't agree with the construction methods in commercial patterns- this one is a good example - the instructions from Connecting Threads used ALL HST's, even in the center!  Which that is very easy to explain but gosh, doesn't make a good block at all!  So many more seams than necessary.  More seams mean more pressing, more waste, etc etc.  The only HST I used were on the 4 corners of the block.  Here is how I constructed mine - the center is a square in a square, the sides are oversize flying geese.  Both constructed using oversize triangles and trimming to size.  But that would have meant a more complicated pattern, not necessarily beginner friendly.  


The quilting world is very sold on strip piecing, precuts, etc.  So many of the instructions are written for those precut fabrics.  Which works for some people - but not if you are trying to use up scraps.  I was asking in a FB for sources of strings to make a color block string quilt.  I figured someone would be interested in selling me their strings - The only suggestion I got was to purchase a jelly roll and cut it into strings - really????  I think I'll have to cut up yardage to get what I want.


From: MelRN


Yeah, I don't purchase a lot of precuts unless it's just the cheapest way to get a bit of something I really want. I'd rather just use from the myriad of scraps I have piled up around here. I would do your block with square in a square, too...that's exactly what I mean! Also, I was watching a vid and they took a layer cake and trimmed it down to 9" square, then in quarters...why not make the pattern for 5" and increase the block just a little to use what you have? Weird math. The 1" won't get used unless they're good and save them for a string quilt. Which they won't. 

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Mostly I do not use patterns but when I do I will tweak things when I can to conserve fabric.

The exception was the DWR I made. The pattern had a bit of wastage but added more accuracy and ease of construction so it was worth it for that pattern.

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From: Contraryqltr


I just ran across a pattern that calls for 10" squares and then instructs me to trim to 9 1/2".  I couldn't believe it - yes, it's only 1/2", but isn't the whole concept of precuts to save time on cutting?  This is an APQS pattern.  The other wonky thing is, they gave instructions for 4 different size - awesome!  Baby, Lap, QUEEN, KING.  I needed a twin size.  So I then had to grow the lap size to what I needed, forget the 10" squares and try to figure out using yardage, how much I needed.

I'm also working on a pixel quilt.  The designer did a really good job with the instructions.  The only change I made was, instead of cutting hundreds of 1 1/2" squares and placing them on a gridded fusible base, if there were, say, 10 white ones in a row, I just cut a strip and fused it.  Since the sew vertical and horizontal seams on these pixel quilt, it made no sense to waste time cutting so many little squares.

Mary in Michigan

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From: sueinIL


Something I never used to do in my wild and younger days is to make a test block.  I follow the instructions to the letter on cutting and piecing.  I've stopped many an error or  wasteful cutting by doing that.  And Jenny from MSQC is really a "waster" probably because she has unlimited access to fabric.  I'm not scrimping, just being efficient.

Sue in IL

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From: tuckyquilter


All the time.   I don't use a lot of precuts, so I can cut how I like to do things.


From: tuckyquilter


Smart move too.  I have tons of scraps around here so making a "Test" is always a good thing- especially with a new pattern/block.