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I have 2 new FWs - well, kinda ........   General Discussion

Started Sep-27 by JulietDeltaOscar (fixin2quilt); 602 views.

I'm going to carefully keep track of everything I spend on getting it up and running again, and see how much they REALLY cost.  Both of them need bobbin cases, and those alone are over $100 each.  Both are missing the motors, but those are easy to get for less than $100.  However, I want to turn the FW into a hand-crank machine if I can, so don't need motors for both.  It will be interesting to see what the ultimate totals will be.  I suspect that the 222 will actually be a better value than the 221!  


From: latterberry


Good for you!  $19??  That is practically unbelievable.  I've gotten things I needed for my FW at the Featherweight shop. 

In reply toRe: msg 5

Finally got photos of the 222K.  Serial number EL181819, mfg. in Kilbowie, Scotland circa 2 March 1956.  I hope I can get these in here and that they are not too small to see.  You can probably get a better look at these photos on my FB page, where you can actually open each photo for a closer look.  Photos of the new 221 to come soon.  


From: sueinIL


What is up with missing bobbin cases?  I've seen that before. Do people take them out intentionally?

Sue in IL

Yes, they sure do.  An original Singer bobbin case now costs over $100, and they can be snatched and pocketed quickly, so they are easy to steal and re-sell.  I have never had one stolen off one of my machines, but I very rarely use my machine anywhere except home.  But I have heard of them being stolen from shops, shows, etc.  And you know, there are a LOT of ornery people out there.  There are replacement bobbin cases out there that sell for less, but some people have bought faulty ones that are not manufactured to original Singer standards.  


From: latterberry


I got a FW at an estate auction a while back and the auctioneer said he had the bobbin case up at the desk because they were so frequently stolen.

Wow good to know. Who would think that theft of a bobbin case is so common!!!

Looks like you are enjoying the upcoming restoration of your new machines.