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2016 Start miles (AKA 2015 end miles)   General

Started 1/2/16 by KurvLuvr (BluSapha); 1913 views.

                                          Going into 2016 with my new sweet ride!

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From: Savage126


Ended 2015 at 44,811 on the odometer, meaning only 4,323 miles ridden in 2015.   However, every single one of those meager miles was a ton of fun!!!

Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


Bike is under cover and on the battery tender, but I know I didn't get as many miles as Dinah.  Not sure where the years have gone lately, but hope to get more miles in 2016.  Of course, I'll never be able to compete with our big mileage folks since I only ride on the occasional Saturday or Sunday.

Sc0ut (Sc0utRider)

From: Sc0ut (Sc0utRider)


i hope to ride more for 2016 too.  i'll have joanne with me on most of my rides.  my goal is at least 4000 miles.  new years resolution :)

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From: Baggerr


I don't have proof of my starting mileage, but it was 124 on the Wing.  Now it is 2,205.  2,,081 for 2015.

Not sure about the Harley, I will add that later.  Edit....   Harley starting mileage for 2016 is 54,991.

Between work and shoulder surgery recovery, I didn't ride much.  I do plan on making up for it this year. 

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From: Carlp54


Ended the year on the Kawasaki with 118550 - it is sold

started this year with zero (for all purposes) on the Yamaha. 

Carl P

Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


4k would be very nice....

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Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


I started today (first chance to ride in 2016) with 6103 on the odometer.  I certainly don't expect to get the high mileage coin with all of the daily and long distance riders in the club, but it's nice to have a place to log my starting/ending mileage each year.  blush

Cajun (cajunhart)

From: Cajun (cajunhart)


Well at least you won't have to worry about buy any or everybody a drink if you're challenged to see the coin and you don't have it on you. Maybe we can start our own club 'low milers club'

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From: boqye53


One Valk at about 92K, the other about 55K.

I don't look at each year.  I always hope for more miles than I get.