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End of Year 2016 Mileage   General

Started 12/31/16 by beaustiles; 595 views.

From: beaustiles


Well it is that time of year again... I started 2016 with just my Yamaha and 14,788 on the odometer, and ended the year with 18,633 for 3845 miles on the Bolt (I thought I had more on it???), and another 15862 on the Street Glide (since the end of April) for a grand total of 19,707 miles this year. How many miles did you ride in 2016?

...Brings my 2-year total to 34,495!

KurvLuvr (BluSapha)

From: KurvLuvr (BluSapha)


Awesome Beau, that's a lot of miles!

I seem to remember a mileage thread from early in the year where people posted their starting mileage for the year and then would add their ending mileage to that thread. Am I having a false memory?

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I found the mileage threads and commented in them so they move to the top of the thread in case anyone needs them for reference.  

Ending 2016 I have 9,975 miles on my HD Deluxe. I started 2016 with 178 miles on my sweet new bike. So I'm good for 9,797 miles for 2016. Not too shabby!


From: Baggerr


I started the year with 54,991 miles on the Harley and sold it with 55,442.  Rode it more than I thought.

Started the year out with 2,205 miles on the Wing and finished with 11,761. Missed my goal of doing 10k on the Wing.

The Kawasaki, yes I still have it, only got 67 miles put on it this year.  Basically riding it once to Stafford from Vienna and a little more.


9,556 on wing

451 on Harley

67 on Kaw

10,074 miles in 2016

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Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


I'm not going to bother to post my mileage -- it's probably 1/3 of the miles most of you got.  I'd love to say I'll do better this year, but, I doubt it.  My average year is around 3k

Roger Runningen mileage for all of 2016:   15,746

Looks like I can give the coin to Beau!

My two-year total is 32,459. 

Borg (293004)

From: Borg (293004)


Scooter, 7,200 - 11,300 = 4,100

2008 RT, = about 2,500

2015 RT, = 2,500 - 12,400 = 9,900

So total around 16,500


Paul C

From: Paul C


The accident really threw a wrench into my/our riding season in 2016. Had over 10,000 in 2015,... odometer reads 11232 now. Tammy is still not fully healed.

We hope to see you both soon. Any word on when Tammy may be fully healed?