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2017 Ride Planning Meeting   Rides and Events

Started 1/20/17 by MotherGrizzly (BlvdShooter); 490 views.

Due to the three day weekend, the 2017 ride planning meeting is rescheduled for SATURDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2017.  Final answer. 

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope many of you can still attend.  If you cannot, please post your ride ideas in the thread for ride ideas I will take them to the meeting for consideration.  

2017 Ride Planning Meeting:    Saturday Feb. 25, 2017

6:00 PM

Hosted by: John and Renee Kelliher 9708 Ashby Rd. Fairfax VA 22031

POTLUCK STYLE - bring something edible. 

I look forward to an awesome 2017 riding season!  

    Roger Runningen will be out of town on Feb. 25, so can't make the ride-planning meeting. But I'm leaving behind some nominations for consideration for the 2017 riding season: 

--Day trip of Maryland covered bridges in Frederick County, three of them.  Then into the woodsy r Cotoctin Mountains and  ``drive by’’  Camp David. But don’t stop. You’ll get shot. Or waterboarded.  Lunch stop to be decided.  Estimate 130 miles, give or take. Leave at 9 am from University Mall. Roger volunteers to lead this one.

--Day trip on the backroads to Sperryville, via Crest Hill Road and Flint Hill. Lunch at Thornton River Grille,  the location of Jan. 1 Polar Bear ride. Spend the afternoon exploring the meandering county roads south of Sperryville, passing through such bergs as Woodville and Scrabble.  Estimate 150-200 miles.  Leave 9 am from University Mall.

Other thoughts to be discussed:

--Longer day ride to the Flight 93 National Memorial and the site of the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, which was hijacked in the September 11 attacks, in Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  I did this trip last summer and it’s worth seeing. Figure almost two hours to tour the site and museum. Free. Lunch where we can find it. Leave from University Mall 8 am.

--Roger also up for any/all overnighters to West Virginia, parks or campgrounds

--Blue Ridge Parkway, day trips or overnighters at campgrounds (or commercial motels/cabins just off the parkway. There are many of them.

--Wallops Island rocket launch, near Chincoteague, Va.   There’s only one on the Web site calendar and it’s ``before August 22.’’. Viewing area for launch is four miles away.  Could be a day trip overnighter. Worth considering.  

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Just a reminder the ride planning meeting will be Saturday 2/25.  Read entire thread for details!!

Paul C

From: Paul C


Won't be able to join you guys for the ride planning potluck dinner. Will be on a much-needed vacation from 2/23 to 2/28. I really hope to be able to get together with you guys soon!

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We hope so!  There will be much to catch up on!

Stan (WINGER3)

From: Stan (WINGER3)


Rhoda likes to plan, so it looks like we will be there.  Since she won't get on a bike, I have no idea what she will be planning other than planning to be there.

Lol then we will plan to see you both!