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FO Update   News and Announcements

Started 3/11/17 by MotherGrizzly (BlvdShooter); 283 views.

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Its time for the official riding season and for SCRCFX to start ramping back up again!  Although this winter I'm not sure we ever completely went into hiatus.  It was a pretty active winter with full meetings, pick up rides, a great holiday party, the Panda Bear ride, and a very productive and FUN 2017 ride planning meeting.  

The start of the new year has been interesting and unexpected for me in many ways - politically, professionally and personally.  To date (and its only March!) the most unexpected personal event has been that Beau and I are buying a house in West Virginia (Martinsburg).  I know!  You had to read that sentence again, right?!  It kind of happened by accident the day after the planning meeting.  Maybe it was the rye and bourbon.  What I know is, in our excitement for our soon to be empty nest status, we thought, let's just go have a look...it'll be fun they said....and before you know it, I go from Mother Grizzly to Mountain Mama!  

We are scheduled to close April 14.  Our last kid graduates in June, so we will maintain both residences until she graduates.  The plan is we will head for the hills come first of July.  That means, I will be stepping down as SCRCFX FO at the next meeting.  This will give the club an opportunity to discuss next steps together.  I have talked with Borg and the loose plan is to have him step up to FO until a permanent replacement is decided.  I will provide the new FO and SCRC support during the change over.  I want to say Borg has been doing an awesome job supporting me and taking care of club business wherever needed.     

So now there will be a new WV stop! Even better news is MotoAcres has PLENTY of paved bike parking :0  We will still be working in DC and plan to continue rides with the club.  We haven't decided if we will join the WV SCRC or not.  There's kind of a lot going on right now logistically at the Stiles House.  I'm still trying to figure out what the hell do we do without a Trader Joes?  What will we eat?  And no Ross Dress for Less....clearly there is a lot wrong with this plan.  Yet, we're about to pack it up, head to the hills and see what this new adventure has in store for us!

I have really REALLY enjoyed being a part of SCRCFX.  I am also grateful for the experience of being First Officer.  I did not accomplish all that I had hoped in 9 months, but together we accomplished a lot and had fun along the way.  I know the future will just build from here and get even better!

I look forward to seeing everyone March 21 - same place, same time.  I probably have one more raffle in me.  You won't want to miss it!

Have a great weekend - and thank you for everything.




Stan (WINGER3)

From: Stan (WINGER3)


That sure came as a surprise.  I know we'll see you before the move, but let us be the first to wish you the best of luck!  You have been a great FO and we are happy to have you as friends.

Stan & Rhoda


From: boqye53


Congratulation on the new home Corinna.

Getting out of the NoVA rathole is always good news.




Came as a surprise to us too! Timing and location for sure. You will definitely still see us around. Calamity Jane is really looking forward to being in a garage for the first time :) 


From: wswann


I think an impromptu vote is in order...   All those in favor of JP being the FO say "Yay"...

Good Luck to you and Beau in the next chapter of home ownership in WV!   Instead of Glamping 2.0 - maybe it will be Glamping at the Stiles estate. :)


   Whoa! Stop the presses!

   The best to both of you.  I had the same thought as Will -- a three-day event, with the first night involving somebody's back yard. 




Paul C

From: Paul C


Wow, I hardly have gotten to know you, and now you are stepping down. Gratz on the big move, though. A move like that is a total lifestyle change, and it takes a lotta guts to go through with it. Hope to see you both soon!


From: Savage126


Wow, that sure is a surprise!!!  Big congrats to you and Beau, Mountain Mama!!

Like others, I definitely think a ride to your new house is on the ride list this year.  For a much time as you'll have us, haha

I can't believe we are losing you as FO.....that is such a shame.  You have done a superb job of motivating us in such a short time.

Oh well, back to reality....coming full circle back to complacency....Will, I'm giving you a big "YAY" -  let's reinstate JP without his consent or knowledge.  Worked before for two years, lol.

In the interim, good luck to you, Borg....this might be like a tar baby...hahaha