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Minutes - May 16, 2017   General

Started 5/16/17 by nemccue; 84 views.

From: nemccue


SCRC FX May 16 - meeting notes by D McCue
Called to order 7:35 PM by M Borg 

- 11 in attendance 
- Reviewed past schedule 
   - - Cancelled expedition - will try to reschedule 
   - - 8 chapters represented
   - - Brookside went well

Aug 4-6 Bedford VA State Rally discussed including need for auction items to benefit St Jude's - last year raised $8k

State officer meeting recap
- 4 chapters closed over last year 
      -- due to poor activity and attendance 
- State discussion around starting a state FB page
- Ride formation discussion: Should new members move from front to rear
- State looking for eagle rescue volunteers -- Some interest by attendees - more if providing lodging only due to lack of trailers 

Borg went on Indian ride with Manassas chapter in Romley VA. Good ride.  

Upcoming calendar events reviewed 
- Memorial Day Weekend events 
- Sister Chapter events
- Valley Vista June 10 cancelled 
- Pull pork ride on June 10 Manassas Ch
- Bike & Breakfast June 11
- June 17 Blue's ride Manassas 
- June 20 next chapter meet

See MeetUp for additional detail 

Meeting concluded 8 pm

Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


Thanks for the recap, Nicole.  Sorry I missed the meeting.


From: wswann


Thanks for the note taking!   Sorry I missed the meeting but work got in the way of life again. :)

One thing to add is the Fun Run 6/2 - 6/4 down in New Market VA.