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Meetup Dues   General

Started 12/3/17 by wswann; 47 views.

From: wswann


Hey Folks..

FYI - You should be getting an early Christmas Present if you are a card-carrying, dues paying SCRC Fairfax County Southern Cruisers meetup member.

Borg has been the person who is the registered "manager" of all things meetup for us.   There has been a recent "management" change with Meetup.com.  Meetup requires groups that are collecting dues to have a legitimate business behind it requiring the normal business infrastructure like bank accounts and tax returns.

To keep things simple - we have elected to discontinue the practice of collecting dues for our meetup.com operation.   If you have paid dues this year you should be receiving a refund of your dues payment minus the 75cent "processing fee" by Meetup.   I encourage you all to invest your windfall wisely. :)

Starting in the January meeting - we will solicit donations to the meetup cause.   We won't do it every month but one or two throughout the year to reimburse Borg for the $400??  (I think that is what we pay for meetup) he puts out of his own pocket for the convenience of using the site.

Thanks BORG for handling this for us -  it is VERY much appreciated.