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December Meeting   General

Started 12/13/17 by wswann; 115 views.

From: wswann


Hey Folks -

It is almost that time again.   Time to get together as "family" - share a few smiles and maybe have a spirited discussion over politics..  No I am not talking about Christmas.  I am talking about the monthly gathering of the Fairfax Southern Cruisers!....

December 19 - 7:00PM - Coyote Grill


We will be doing a 50/50 raffle at the meeting with the proceeds being donated to St. Judes.

Hope to see you there!


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From: wswann


Hey folks -

Turns out that this Tuesday is the Holiday party for Coyote Grill.....  We will have a spirited - but abbreviated meeting on Tuesday.   They have to close sharply at 8:00P.  Also - we will be enjoying an AMAZING Taco Bar buffet, so the ordering process should be simple. :)

See ya there on Tuesday..


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From: wswann


Hey folks -

See you at Coyote tonight!

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From: wswann


Hey Folks -

Glad to see those who were able to make it last night.


#1 - You should be seeing a refund from meetup ...  soon .....   They are changing the way they do business and if your Meetup collects monies from the members they are now requiring you to be a business or a non-profit organization and report that income to the IRS.   Well.....  we decided we were better off not charging dues and just doing a collection twice a year to cover the Meetup Expenses.   Meetup costs $120.00 a year.   We will take up a donation at the January meeting to cover the 1st half of 2018.  Donate - don't donate...  We will continue to use Meetup as a way to get more people interested in riding with us.   Oh yeah - back to the original point - Meetup will be refunding you $8 and change around the end of the month.

#2 - SCRC Fairfax Holiday Bash...   December 30th -   Details can be found here.  http://forums.delphiforums.com/scrc293/messages/2804/1

#3 - Polar Bear Ride - Keep an eye out on Meetup (and here) for details.   KSU is probably going to be 11:00am.   I am going to reach out to the Manassas chapter to see what they are doing and see if we can join forces.

#4 - Since we are a riding club.......  Be thinking about rides for the 2018 season.  Think about rides you would like to go on.  Think about rides you would like to plan. Think about rides you would like to lead..   In February at a place/time to be determined we will have our 2018 Ride Planning Meeting and lay them out for the year.

That is all I got...   Hope all have a joyous Holiday Season.   Hopefully you get some nice accessories for your machines and have an opportunity to spend time with family and friends.