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January 2018 - Meeting   General

Started 1/8/18 by wswann; 118 views.

From: wswann


Hey Folks -

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the deep-freeze weather.  

Get Ready - Get set - Let's go 2018!  The first meeting of 2018 will be on 16 January at Coyote Grill...  7:00PM..


Bring your ideas for rides for 2018 - Have you ever lead a ride?  Now is your chance.

See you on 1/16.


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From: wswann


Hope to see ya all tonight!


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From: wswann


Hey Folks -

A SMALL but spirited group got together last night for the 1st meeting in 2018.

Notes of Interest...

1.  Meetup Payments - Next month we will pass the hat to collect for our 2018 meetup dues.   Meetup costs us $120 a year.   We will do two collections, one in February...  The other in July.   That way we will catch as many people as possible.   Recommended donation amount is $10.00 a year.

2. Timonium Bike Show - Feb 9-11.  http://cycleshow.net/   We will keep an eye on the weather and see if this is a ride or a drive event.

3. CASS Railroad ride - Steve P has agreed to lead a ride back up to the Cass railroad this season.   Once he gets more info he will let the group know.

2018 Rides:

We will stick with having "2nd weekend" rides in 2018.   The ride leader will pick the day - either Saturday or Sunday.   We will get rides posted on Meetup soon for everyone to ponder while the snow falls.

Here is what we have so far..

1. April 14/15 - Moonie

2. May 12th - Will

3. June 9/10 - Tom H.

4. July 14/15 - Mark B. 

5. August 11/2 - T3

6. Sept - OPEN

7. October - OPEN

All destinations are TBD but we will get those filled in soon!   There are also a couple of open months - If you are interested in leading a ride - now is your chance!

We would also like to do a couple of over-night rides this summer.  If you have some ideas lets talk about them.

See ya in February (if not sooner).


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Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


Thanks for posting the minutes, Will.