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cass senic railroad ride   General

Started 1/31/18 by Steve Pappas (StevePappas); 310 views.

Steve Pappas is planning a weekend ride to the Cass Senic Railroad.


Tentatively scheduling for a weekend in June.  Please reply if interested and which weekend(s) you are available.


From: wswann


Hey Steve -

I missed the fall trip - I would like to make the Spring trip. :)   Anna is a teacher and they don't get out until 15 June.   So from my perspective the last 2 weekends in June would work best for me. :)



From: nemccue


I’m interested in going.  Not sure what June looks like yet.

Nicole M.

In reply toRe: msg 3


     My mother has cancer and I'm shuttling back and forth to Minnesota for her care, along with other siblings. 

Further, I'm having a stent implanted on Feb. 14.   So I'm unable to commit to much of anything for the next few months. 

      --Roger Runningen


From: wswann


Roger -

Sorry to hear about momma.   

Good luck with the Stent - hopefully by the time the temps warm up you will be ready to ride.



From: boqye53


I'm sorry to hear about all of that.  (and glad family is pitching in, like it's supposed to be)

My mom in MI got a new heart valve last year (poked up through the leg, pretty rare for an 87yo, and because she was in such good shape), and it went great until the required postop blood thinners gave her a brain bleed and a massive seizure that knocked her down like a stroke (but not a stroke).  She rehabbed back (slowly), and I went up last summer to help while my bro and his wife who care for her (and live on the same property) got a break and planned vacation.    She's doing pretty well and got on a plane to Vegas alone over Christmas to visit her only granddaughter.   The women on both sides of my family live into their 90s.  The men not so much. 

In the meantime, I don't go to doctors myself because they are always making with the negative waves about something.

I wish both of you good luck. 




In reply toRe: msg 1

I've updated the ride on Meetup.  It's set for the last weekend in June.  Tom Boltik is also hosting a camping option and an additional ride on the Greenbrier and Durbin RR. 

Lodging will be different this time, as some people weren't happy with Snowshoe. Marlinton Motor Inn is a few miles beyond Cass. http://marlintonmotorinn.com/ Make reservations online at the web site. 

The route will be different than last time.  We will take a northerly route through Seneca Rocks.

Train reservations must be made in advance: http://mountainrailwv.com/
Choose: General Reservations, then Bald Knob.

The train ride is 4.5 hours long. The railroad is an old logging railroad which features geared steam-driven Shay and Heisler locomotives. The train ride is up a mountain to Bald Knob.

More information: http://www.cassrailroad.com

• What to bring
Sunscreen, Camera, Train and Lodging reservations.

• Important to know

Meet at University Mall Friday, 29 Jun 2018, KSU (Kick Stands Up) or TBR (Trike Brakes Released) at 1300, That's 1PM for you non-military people.

Book tickets for Car #1 at the end of the train. This has the best views as we go up the mountain.