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Started 2/8/18 by wswann; 67 views.

From: wswann


Hey folks ---

There are a couple of bike shows in February...

#1 is this weekend up in Timonium..  https://www.meetup.com/Fairfax-County-chapter-of-the-Southern-Cruisers-Riding-Club/events/246896137/   Looks like rain on Saturday so a few of us are caging it up there to drool over the chrome and any new gear we can find. :)

If you plan on going to this one - post on Meetup and we will try to hook up for lunch or something.

#2 - The DC bike show is Feb 23-25...  http://www.motorcycleshows.com/city/washington-dc-0  

I know the weather is going to break soon....   The first nice weekend I will get something posted for us to get the season off right!


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From: wswann


Hey folks -

John - Renee - Doug and myself spent about 1/2 of the afternoon roaming around the Timonium bike show today.  ALL of the players were there... BMW - Yamaha - Honda - Kawasaki - KLM - Harley - Ducati...  etc etc...

From my perspective - the new BMW 1600 was a nice bike.   The new Yamaha tourer - while nice and roomy - was a bit heavy... But the main reason I went was to see the 2018 Wing..   What a difference between my 2008 and the 2018...   Some good and some bad.

Bad -

1. The reduced storage by 25/30%

2. I didn't see a place to mount highway pegs - but I am sure someone smarter than me will fix that in a few months.

3. The passenger grab bars are VERY close to the seat - not a lot to grab onto.

Good -

1. The GoldWing has lost weight like a meat-eater at a Vegan convention....   I think it is 100lbs lighter than it's predecessor.   

2. It comes up VERY easy from the kickstand - and VERY easy onto the Center Stand

3. The steering seemed very smooth (while sitting still on a carpeted floor)

4. Cockpit controls are all convenient

5. Can get DCT or Manual transmission

At the end of the day - I don't think the bike is for me.   I require a lot of storage....   I don't think I could fit anything besides my jacket in the trunk..   Not that I need it, but I don't think you could fit two Large sized helmets in there either.   For some of you slimmer folks or those of you that don't have a basketball sized head - it may very well work for you.   But even the slimmest of folks would have a hard time two-upping for a long weekend in the mountains and have enough room for clothes/rain gear etc etc.

Don't get me wrong...   When I find a chance to actually ride the 2018 - I will be waiting in line for my turn but I don't anticipate Mother Honda getting my $$ this year. :)

If you are in the market for T-Shirts, Leather goods, patch sewing, sun glasses, toy haulers or just plain ole people watching - it is a good place to spend a few hours.

If you don't make it to Baltimore maybe you can make it to DC here in a couple of weeks for the next show.


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Borg (293004)

From: Borg (293004)


I was there also, got there mid afternoon, finding parking for the cage was challenging.  I did find a pair of lined leather chaps that fit me, size 11XL at Highway Leather, www.highwayleather.com.  Wore them today under my rain gear on the way to Clifton Bikes and Breakfast, my legs were nice and warm.  Their seemed to be allot more custom bikes competing there this year than last year, not as many vendors as last year.