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SCRCFX April Meeting   General

Started 4/10/18 by wswann; 90 views.

From: wswann


Hey Folks - 

It is that time again....  Tuesday 4/15 is our monthly meeting.   Since the last one got snowed out - hopefully we will have a good turn out for this month's meeting.


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From: wswann


Hey folks -  Tonight is the night...   7:00PM - Coyote Grill in Fairfax.    Hope to see you there.


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From: wswann


Hey Folks -   It was a small but spirited group last night....

3 Important things... 

#1 - The SCRC State Officers meeting is this weekend.   I will be heading down to Lynchburg to participate.   If there is anything you want brought up to the State Level just let me know.

#2 - Tom B is leading a ride to Summerduck this weekend for a camping adventure.   If you are interested - please talk to Tom for more details.

#3 - The SCRC Meet and Greet is being held in Manassas on 5 May.  See meetup for details.

And.....    here are the rest of the notes.

1st Ride of the Season

Summerduck Drag Racing  - 3/18


This was a good time with good weather.   It was fun to watch some of the bikes get up to 130MPH in the ¼ mile.

2nd Ride of the Season

Ride to Goochland -   Tom H and Borg led us on a ride down to Goochland.   We met up with the Manassas group. The weather was great and it was nice to get out and get the cobwebs loosened up.

Upcoming Events

  1. SCRC Va Officers Meeting.   I will be going to Lynchburg to meet with the VA Officers.  

  2. Camping Weekend - Tom B is organizing a camping weekend 21 April…

  3. SCRC Meet and Greet - Hosted by Manassas.  5 May

  4. 12 May - Ride to Bucks Indian Museum in Romney Wv

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