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End of Year 2016 Mileage   General

Started 12/31/16 by beaustiles; 591 views.
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Lisa V (ladyg0)

From: Lisa V (ladyg0)


I'm not going to bother to post my mileage -- it's probably 1/3 of the miles most of you got.  I'd love to say I'll do better this year, but, I doubt it.  My average year is around 3k

Roger Runningen mileage for all of 2016:   15,746

Looks like I can give the coin to Beau!

My two-year total is 32,459. 

Borg (293004)

From: Borg (293004)


Scooter, 7,200 - 11,300 = 4,100

2008 RT, = about 2,500

2015 RT, = 2,500 - 12,400 = 9,900

So total around 16,500


Paul C

From: Paul C


The accident really threw a wrench into my/our riding season in 2016. Had over 10,000 in 2015,... odometer reads 11232 now. Tammy is still not fully healed.

We hope to see you both soon. Any word on when Tammy may be fully healed? 

Paul C

From: Paul C


No definitive word. It is going very slowly.


From: nemccue


Congrats on having the most miles.  I only put on 7,000.  Not bad considering got my new bike in March.  

Sorry to hear that :(  Please give her our love and wishes for a speedier recovery!  And let her know she is more than welcome to come to meetings even if you can't make it :)  

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KurvLuvr (BluSapha)

From: KurvLuvr (BluSapha)




OK, finally got my 2016 miles on the '09 HD Ultra (haven't seen the bike since Oct)

Start: 69,422

End: 78,635

Miles ridden: 9,213

Pretty wimpy when you consider more than half was on 1 trip. Doesn't count a few hundred I did on Other bikes. 

Need to do better this year.



From: Savage126


Well, I finally got around to checking my mileage for 2016....4,126.  I'd say I was disappointed but realistically, that's about the norm anymore.  I'm good with it.  With total mileage of 48,937, I can pretty confidently say I'll break 50K in 2017. :-)