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2017 Ride Planning Meeting   Rides and Events

Started 1/20/17 by MotherGrizzly (BlvdShooter); 487 views.
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Just a reminder the ride planning meeting will be Saturday 2/25.  Read entire thread for details!!

Paul C

From: Paul C


Won't be able to join you guys for the ride planning potluck dinner. Will be on a much-needed vacation from 2/23 to 2/28. I really hope to be able to get together with you guys soon!

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We hope so!  There will be much to catch up on!

Stan (WINGER3)

From: Stan (WINGER3)


Rhoda likes to plan, so it looks like we will be there.  Since she won't get on a bike, I have no idea what she will be planning other than planning to be there.

Lol then we will plan to see you both!