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FO Update   News and Announcements

Started 3/11/17 by MotherGrizzly (BlvdShooter); 284 views.
Paul C

From: Paul C


Wow, I hardly have gotten to know you, and now you are stepping down. Gratz on the big move, though. A move like that is a total lifestyle change, and it takes a lotta guts to go through with it. Hope to see you both soon!


From: Savage126


Wow, that sure is a surprise!!!  Big congrats to you and Beau, Mountain Mama!!

Like others, I definitely think a ride to your new house is on the ride list this year.  For a much time as you'll have us, haha

I can't believe we are losing you as FO.....that is such a shame.  You have done a superb job of motivating us in such a short time.

Oh well, back to reality....coming full circle back to complacency....Will, I'm giving you a big "YAY" -  let's reinstate JP without his consent or knowledge.  Worked before for two years, lol.

In the interim, good luck to you, Borg....this might be like a tar baby...hahaha