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Relay for Life - Fundraiser - 4/22/17   General

Started 4/11/17 by wswann; 96 views.

From: wswann


Hey Folks -

On 4/22 my wife and her friends are doing a fundraiser for the Relay for Life - American Cancer Society.   They have been doing the Relay for Life event for 6 years now in memory of their childhood friend who died of cancer back in 2012.

One of the fundraisers they do is a Baseball Party.   This year the event is on 4/22 @ 4pm in Springfield at a private residence.   Hopefully the weather stays warm and dry so we can raise additional funds for cancer research.

I have attached a flyer that has all of the info that you need.   #1 - There will be beer there - provided by Tin Cannon Brewing Company...  #2 - There will be food there.  #3 - Most of the people that show up are OK to be around.  #4 - There will be live entertainment  and it will be great time to remember those in our lives who are struggling with cancer or who lost their battle.  This includes SCRC#293 member - Terri "1R" Yale, who passed on 12/24/2010.  Hopefully some of you can show up - have a few beers - tell a few tales and drop a few (tax deductible) dollars in the bucket to benefit Jane's Team and the Relay for Life.

If you can't make it to the party - but still want to contribute - this link should get you there.   If for whatever reason the link doesn't work - just search for Jane's Team to make a donation.



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From: wswann


Hey Folks -

This event is being cancelled due to the expected rain..