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pavement ends   General Discussion

Started May-11 by Rocky Mountain High (2wheelsforme); 138 views.

Foul Al gave me a heads up about some new asphalt so went to check it out. Sure enough Charlie Booker Rd now has a bunch of new pavement. If you knew Charles Booker Rd then you remember it as the road that went back and forth from paved to dirt several times in a just a few miles. All paved now freshly, lines not even painted on yet. While up that way decided to check out many roads that are know to be end of pavement roads. Many turn arounds and a couple of push on throughs to the other side. One of the dirt roads was really nice. Had a deer cross right in front of me and a huge nasty snake in the road daring me to run over Him. I gave him plenty of room.

Gadget (Piverator)

From: Gadget (Piverator)


Always interested in new pavement! I don't think I've been on  Charlie Booker Rd yet but it looks like a good connector road. I'm going to take a trip sometime after work from Whiting Field to take a look. Sounds like we need to route through there next chance we get. Thanks Al for keeping an eye out for new pavement and Mike for checking on it.