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Alabama Rally   Rallies & Events

Started May-14 by Rocky Mountain High (2wheelsforme); 221 views.

Who all is going to this event? How is Guntersville involved?

Gadget (Piverator)

From: Gadget (Piverator)


Hey Mike

On Friday Lil Brit are going to the Rally with the RV and will spend Saturday at the Alabama event. I've got a little local loop to ride if possible. :-)  I believe Dave and Lynn are headed up on Thursday. So far, I haven't heard of any local rides up and back like we have done in the past.

On Sunday Dave Lynn, Dawn, Barry and Tammy (not sure who else) are relocating to Lake Guntersville with the RVs. We are going to ride that area until Thursday. 

On Thursday, Lil Brit and I are relocating to the Issac Creek Campground. Not sure of the planned rides there but I do have a ride in the Garmin to State Line for catfish if the group wants to do that. Should be good grub and nice backroads.

We will head back on Sunday.

I have had a stretch of work days lately and CAN"T WAIT for some riding and relaxation time..... :-)

Thanks for the outline Mark. Love the Guntersville Park area. Be sure you take a look at short Wyeth Dr. to the left just before you cross the lake into town from the park (227). Winding road follows the lake over the mountain to 431. On the south side is Top O The River if you want a large country style seafood place. Wyeth Mountain Road is also nice for a while.

Gadget (Piverator)

From: Gadget (Piverator)


Just looked at Wyeth Dr. We'll definitely take a ride through there. Appreciate the "insider" info. I probably would not have seen that one!