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rain dodgeing   General Discussion

Started May-18 by Rocky Mountain High (2wheelsforme); 198 views.

I was downtown last night and the bike was parked up the street. I noticed the wind starting to pick up and swirling around like a strong front approaching. Took a look at my phone radar and wow a huge rain storm approaching from the north west and close. Hightailed it down to Bayfront heading to 3 mile bridge to go home. Egads the bridge is backed up so go get in line and risk getting caught in the storm, lighting was already starting but no rain yet or stop in the last gas station and wait it out, I decide to go for it. Soon as I got on the bridge it was dead stop. I got my lid from the bag and put it on my head and moved to the bicycle lane and started passing cars. A mile and a half of that and I reach the 2 down to one lane and the rain starts. By the time I can get my speed back up it starts hard rain for ten seconds until I can run back out in front of it. The end of the bridge no rain again but two right turns put me back in it for a couple of blocks before reaching home. All in all not too wet but did risk a flat tire or a ticket for passing so many in the breakdown/bicycle lane as well as pissing a few drivers off I'm sure. I did not really slow anyone down but some don't like getting passed by line cutters. I felt it was necessary and got to enjoy a great light show from home instead of a gas station or worse sitting in it on the bridge. 

Just David (gdhugh)

From: Just David (gdhugh)


Always the risk taker. Glad you made it home safe.