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Pre thinking about what to do.   Safety Discussion

Started May-20 by Rocky Mountain High (2wheelsforme); 151 views.

If you see you are going down, even slow, most people can not help but to stick their arm out to try and stop the fall. That will usually result in a broken wrist or arm. Better to keep every thing in and as they say "tuck and roll". That is one more advantage us fat people have over skinny people, we roll more evenly. Another advantage you ask? Fat people hardly ever get kidnapped plus if a group of people are stranded on a deserted island like in a ship wreck or plane crash the fat people can last longer without a food supply. Yep! Anyway if you think about what you need to do in dire situations maybe your brain will remember and act accordingly.  

Just David (gdhugh)

From: Just David (gdhugh)


That's true Mike. It's also true for legs. First time for me was just a few days ago. Rounding a corner as we made the right turn, my rear tire slipped on something and slid over what felt like a foot or so. Before I knew it, I had planted my right foot on the asphalt where it was quickly rolled back and under my right muffler. Surprised me and put a harsh warning in my head to not do that again. I'd had been better of to have just ridden it out. Control your instinct, if that's possible.