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From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/26/18 8:36 PM 
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For those who did not know. The founder of SCRC, Rick Perry passed away May 22nd. The following e-mail was sent from the SCRC National President,  Bill Presley:

"To all Members of the Southern Cruisers Riding Club.

It is with extreme sadness that I am announcing the passing of of our SCRC Founder, Rick Rickster Perry. Please keep Rickster's family in your prayers. I am at a loss for words, because Rick has been a close friend for many years. Those who knew him, loved him. Rick was a unique individual and it shows through his vision for the Southern Cruisers Riding Club concept.

I will be announcing the arrangements as soon as I get the information from his family.

Bill Presley
SCRC National President"


I will attach more information to this thread as it becomes available. - Gadget

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From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/26/18 8:38 PM 
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From Bill Presley......

Rick Rickster Perry's funeral.

Was informed by Vicki that Rick's funeral will be on Saturday, June 2nd, in Millington, Tennessee. Vicki and Lynsey have asked that we wear our Southern Cruisers attire, with a white, or light color shirt. The name of the funeral home will be added to all the other information when Vicki has all the details. This notification is made so that those who want to attend can have time to make plans. I will keep you informed.

Please keep Rickster's family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in their life. Vicki and Lynsey said they are so appreciative of all the condolences and love that has been shown. They are unable to answer all the calls and texts for now, so if you have questions or need anything, please contact me because we are with them for support all this week.

Thanks everyone, the kindness you've all shown is so heartwarming for Rick's family.

Bill Presley
SCRC National Presley.


From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/26/18 8:40 PM 
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From Bill Presley:


Please give this information to all SCRC members, because a lot of them knew our SCRC Founder, Rickster, and may possibly want to donate. Some chapters have donated as a group.

Rick had been ill and out of work for a long time, so his family's finances were tight and Rick's sudden passing has place them in a bit of a bind.
The link to his Go-Fund-me page is 

Rick, Rickster, Perry founded the Southern Cruisers Riding Club 20 years ago. He is loved by many Worldwide.

Rick passed away on Monday, May 21, 2018 at his Mother's residence.

His vision for a simple motorcycle riding club with no dues and no obligations has blossomed into a World renowned riding club. From this simple concept, under Rick's leadership, this riding club has raised over 3 million dollars for St Jude Children's Hospital and a lot more for local charities at chapter level.

He leaves behind joyous memories of great rides and friendships.

So many have asked to donate in Rick's honor, so this account is set up to supplement his wife Vicki, and daughter Lynsey for funeral expenses and other obligations brought on by Rick's sudden passing.  Any amount donated is greatly appreciated. Some chapters have donated as a group, and that is great. It's not our policy to send requests like this because we have people in need every day and that is left up to their local chapters, but Rick's vision and being our founder who brought us all together, makes this a worthy cause. Thanks in advance.

Bill Presley
SCRC National President


From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/26/18 8:41 PM 
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From Bill Presley:


All Officers and Members,

Members have been asking about a memorial patch for Rickster. I have permission from Rickster's family to make a small Founder's Memorial patch for the front of our vests. I will give details after we assign someone to make the graphics and do the handling. This will be the only approved patch, because the family wants it recognizable when they see it. We will try to keep the cost of the patch as low as possible, but enough to be able to purchase many in advance after the sell starts.

The family is in heart felt awe over the love and appreciation expressed for Rick. It is so awesome to see the SCRC family come together for such a tragedy as losing our Founder. This is more proof that the Southern Cruisers Riding Club is the best riding club ever.

Bill Presley
SCRC National President


From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon5/26/18 8:59 PM 
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I wanted to let you know that our club made a small donation to the Go-Fund-Me account.




From: cjdiversdwn16/1/18 11:04 AM 
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Thank you!


From: Gadget (Piverator) DelphiPlus Member Icon6/8/18 6:39 AM 
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Officers, pass this information to your members. Thanks.

If you are riding or driving to Millington, Tennessee this weekend for Rickster's funeral, it should be good weather, but a little hot at around 92*. The procession will be escorted. It will be 47 miles with 95% on a 4-lane highway at nearly normal speeds, so the heat shouldn't be a big factor. It should last a little over an hour due partly to the number of bikes and cars.

Remember to wear your do-rag and SCRC vest or other gear at the service so that the family can see at a glance what the SCRC means to a lot of people. If you have an SCRC cap, bring it in your hands for show of unity. We want to make Rickster's last ride a special one and show his family how we appreciate them for allowing us to occupy a lot of his time over the last 20 years. His vision for the club will continue in his honor. If you can't ride in, then come in your cars. So, stay safe and we'll see a lot of you Saturday.

Bill Presley
SCRC President


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